Isolated Amazon Tribe Makes Contact With the Outside World for the First Time

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    In a rare event that few people have ever witnessed, a previously isolated tribe encountered the outside world for the first time – and the surprising moment was all caught on video. Several indigenous people emerged from deep inside the Amazon seeking help after their village suffered a deadly attack by probable drug traffickers. The armed tribesmen asked for weapons and allies, saying that their village had been massacred by non-indigenous people. The video encounter shows people offering the tribesmen food and attempting to communicate using enthusiastic gestures as two separate worlds collide.
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    There are over 75 tribes in the Amazon who have remained uncontacted by the outside world, and in the past, many of these tribes were threatened and killed by loggers illegally encroaching on Amazon forest. Today, with Peru emerging as the biggest producer of the coca leaf – which is used in making cocaine –  it is now drug traffickers who are killing the indigenous people in the area. At the same time, oil and gas exploration has also put stress on these populations as they are forced to move away from the industries moving deeper and deeper into the Amazon.
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    The encounter took place on the border of Brazil near a town called Acre. These particular tribesmen come from a group consisting of an estimated 40 to 50 people and, according to the tribesmen, many elderly people were killed as non-indigenous people shot at them and lit their homes on fire. To make matters worse, after coming in contact with the people in Acre and wearing their clothing, the tribesmen came down with a flu-like disease. The men were treated and returned home once they were well, but experts warn that it is essential to avoid contact with indigenous people because a single virus has the potential to wipe out an entire population. Unfortunately, many outsiders ignore these warnings and are likely to encounter more tribes as they continue to be forced out of their villages by drug trafficking, putting indigenous populations at further risk.
    You can watch the footage released by FUNAI of the amazing encounter here.

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  2. Probly not their first time. They probly like "ooooo these aliens are here to trade their stuff for useless sticks again!"

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  3. Wait, they said non indigenous people killed them? How did they know that if they hadnt been contacted before?
  4. It's pretty obvious when they aren't mostly naked, or have guns...
  5. do they have dicks or nah. looks like they just have sacks lol wtf
  6. I would think they would have said "Demons have attacked us" or something. Not "men from another country attacked". How do they know of other countries and men? Well I suppose they could have heard it from other tribes now that I think of it.
  7. Just think we could go down there and rule them with a iron fist as gods!
    Check out the Cargo Cult people if you wish to see some demented humans.
  8. We do rule that area. These are just people living in the woods. Equivelebt to homeless people

    hey man. ba-a-a-ack off. I can be a sheep all I want!
  9. I honestly dont understand why we let people live in trives anymore
  10. Let? Who are you to take aaway someone else's freedom? For their own good?
    hey man. ba-a-a-ack off. I can be a sheep all I want!
    No no you don't get my perverse dream. Find people with no contact with the world. Go in and make them rebuild the Pyramids worship me as there God. Every now and then I pull out the flashlight, light the bic lighter and have masses worship me as a God. I would wear white sheets and white pancake makeup. It would be great!
  12. I'm sure they've seen lighters before, seems like they choose that way of life knowing it's more advanced outside.
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    I think your correct. The Cargo Cult people in the Pacific Islands have total access to the outside world yet they still believe that "Uncle Sam" which they think is a person and there Jesus "John Furm" will one day return to the island to deliver the cargo.
    There a particularly demented group of homo sapiens. I saw a Nat Geo special on them and thought on there John Furm day if I came in a plane with cargo that was a WW2 era plane they would all have heart attacks.
    the alternative being living in states and countries? 
  15. What don't you understand? Perhaps we can all help you come to an understanding.
  16. Our society has a need to push our way of life to everyone, it's like we are a disease.
  17. Maybe I shouldnt have said "let"
    I mean we should show them there is a better way to live by propetly educating them. We can learn from them as well but there is a better life than living in filth
    suppose that depends on your definition of filth
  19. Maybe they are happier than all of us living in filth

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