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Iso resin???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Homemadebongman, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i just scraped out most of the resin out of my glass bowl with a paper clip and there is still some resin in the can i ISO and salt my bowl in a zip block bag and then once all the resin is out can i put all the liquid on a plate and let it dry so i can get the resin.......

    I like to keep all my resin cause i like to roll kief resin balls.....

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    I wouldn't resin doesnt contain much THC I would just use the kief and old stems or shwag if you have it in the ISO.
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    I think it would be sort of pointless. I mean, resin itself isn't that potent when you scrape it right out of the pipe, but THC is alcohol soluble so the iso will absorb even more of the THC during the cleaning process I would think. But, it may take longer then that to notice any significant difference in the THC level in the resin? I don't know.
  4. Since no one will give you a straight answer, YES it will work.

    It'll taste gross, give you a crappy high, and yea, it's weird, but if you're that desperate, do it.
  5. Not really. It would taste really nasty after the iso which would also take forever to evaporate off completely and you would have to smoke a lot of it to get high. It can work a bit if you boil it in water to get the resin off, I've seen this done first hand, but it's dangerous as you could wind up cracking your piece.
  6. It would be just like qwiso correct? Iso is used there too, so do you recommend people not make qwiso because it involves smoking the hash after coming in contact with iso?
    Get 90% and it won't take forever either. Did you use 70? :rolleyes:

    Being a smoker is all about experimentation. And not being a dumb ass, educated experimentation! Of course it will work. Just try it. No one ever got anywhere without taking a measured risk every now and again!
  7. Ive ALWAYS told people to not do this. but...

    Trikky has just turned me on to something... ISO not only extracts THC but also the way you make it, takes all the other crap out. If you smoke resin does it not get you high? So... if you dried out all your resin, broke it up so it was a pile of black dust, then did an Iso run on it, it should grab any remaining THC in it ((very very little)) and leave all the nasty shit behind.

    So, I mean I guess it WOULD work, but I would never do it, try it out and tell us how it goes. If you can take black nasty hash, and make dark tan or brownish iso hash, i will be amazed. lol and start saving my resin and selling it to people hahahahaha.

    My thought process is that you will end up with a black oily substance not too far off from your resin already, and it will be a nasty dirty high.

    Try it, post pics
  8. I've heard that you can dilute the resin hash with water and pour the water off and evaporate it giving you purer hash eventually eliminating most of the tar.
  9. ^^Uhhh what? lol
  10. i do it all the time, it works
    but dont use salt
  11. Well the whole issue here is solubility. Water doesnt work to clean pieces because it doesn't dissolve the resin at all really. It also doesnt really dissolve THC.

    Alcohol does though, and it dissolves both. So think about it - you are dissolving all the resin.... when it dries, all the resin is still there. Maybe a good filtering would take out more of the particulates and tar, but I'm sure a lot of the garbage in resin is totally soluble so this would be a waste of time.

    The reason it works with buds is that most of the bud is made up of chemicals and such that do not dissolve at all, and the THC does. OF course, there are other things that dissolve into the iso, thats why consecutive washes are different colors, and you don't want to soak it for long because more crap (my guess is mostly chlorophyll, which isn't very nice to smoke) gets dissolved.

    So, essentially, you would just get slightly cleaner resin, and only if you filtered it - never anything like actual QWISO hash. Of course, this is all essentially conjecture - I say do it just because it would be awesome if it made even low quality hash from resin. And, its always good to try new shit when it comes to weed.

  12. well put..let see the results!!!
  13. [​IMG] Sorry if this is a little late but I took pictures of the result, this was a quick wash iso batch of resin. The thc ofcourse concentrated as much as it could, and there was a noticeable change in clarity after filtering, but after the purge the texture remain very similar to resin with no chunks or ash. The taste is not very enjoyable, but if you really need to medicate and have absolutely no way of getting a better product this will do the trick for sure.
  14. lol really? updating 4 years later???
  15. First post on the forum, was hoping it would be a year or two before someone even noticed :p
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  17. That's the point of QWISO/ISO hash.

    The alcohol absorbs the THC, and you filter it threw a sieve, or whatever you have and let the alcohol evaporate leaving the hash behind.

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