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Iso Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bianchi94, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I scraped about an hour after I noticed all of the liquid that is gone. The hash is still very oily. Not runny at all, won't even run down the side of the dish, super shiny and tacky, think its safe? I made small batches in a shot glass, evapped for like 5 hours and here I am. Took a test dab, taste a tad harsh. Too soon? Is it safe, or should I wait until it becomes crumbly.
  2. can you smell the iso? if it's still just a little oily and you used a lower % like 71% then it is most likely water left over and iso is by nature harsh if your worried id let it just sit for the rest of the night by then anything harmful should be gone iso can also remain runny depending on the method you use to evaporate it id say your most likely fine
  3. I used 100% acetone. Doesn't smell like it at all.
  4. Somebody I know irl said to lay it out on wax paper and freeze it?
  5. i thought you were talking about isopropyl but uh ya i guess in your situation freezing it would remove any moisture and most likely harden it up also another tip would be to take a lighter and hold it right above the hash if it catches then it's not all gone if it doesn't then it's at lest safe to smoke well for isopropyl i don't have to much experience with acetone but honestly you said you made only a shot glass worth? id bet you would be fine
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    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
    Thanks for the input, I spent all day reading threads on multiple forums and I saw a lot of people using it, I just globed it out onto some wax paper and it is in the freezer. I might as well list what's used, about 5 grams of nice stems, about 10 grams of Abv and a little over a gram of some fire that was left in the grinder for good measure. Turned into 2 shotglasses of liquid. I ground everything to a powder, and froze it before hand. When I held the wax up to the light in the paper it is see through and very amber, I gave it a 15 second wash with a fast press strain. I'm hoping for good results, I went out and bought a dab set up because I had a friend who had some wax but that went MIA, so I spent 2 days drooling looking at the set up and my torch, (I've never dabbed before) so I said its time to make some. I've made ISO before with 99% and I screwed it up the first time and it came out black (washed too long) but this time it looks great.

    Edit: I did have some on my dabber from mixing it around, so in another room I took my torch and heated the dabber up to take any "inferior" product off and it just smoked and dripped off, no flame. At one point the wax came in contact with the flame and I pulled it away and nothing. So it shall be good? I read somewhere that using stems and stuff like that and grinding it into a dust give you a more oily product because of the other plant materials in it?
  7. sounds like you got a good product then maybe a bit quick on the wash but it's better to be quick then slow :) smoke up
    hm this has kinda gotten me in the mood to make a full on qwiso tutorial might have to do that as a weekend project as i make mine slightly different then what most people do
  8. I'll have pics in the morning, I spread it out into a thin layer over some wax paper and folded it in half, in the freezer now.
  9. My face is melting. God it came out great. I'm stuck, no pictures and I just smoked up the rest.
  10. wait. you used acetone to make hash? is that even safe?

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