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  1. Hi all, I've been running iso for a few years now, and wanted a little advice on my method.
    I'm going to be running an ounce of kief.
    Prep: it will be frozen in a jar for a few days before hand. I purchase 91 % iso, then oversaturate the 9% that is water with nacl (table salt), then filter out the salt, and the water which is attached to the salt, this isopropyl is frozen along with the kief. 
    Processing: cover the kief in it's still frozen far with iso, gently stir for about 15 second, then I pour the solution into my tube, with 4 unbleached coffee filters on the other end, attach bike pump, I blast this into a coffee strainer, which also has 4 unbleached coffee filters resting in it, under this is another jar. I recollect what is caught in each set of filters, and re wash a second and third time, I put this all together, as the chlorophyll and unwanted byproducts are taken out by the next step. 
    'Polishing': I then measure how much solution of iso and kief/thc i have, and make it 3.5% water by volume, this water will attract lipids, cholorphyll, and other unwanted byproducts, without drawing thc from my iso. After letting the water collect unwanted materials for a little, I freeze the qwiso and water solution, and simply wait to remove the water, and unwanted materials.
    refiltering: I then repeat the processing steps, using the bike pump, tube and strainer with 6 coffee filters on each, while the solution is still frozen.
    Now, I like my method up to here, and historically, it has worked great, but I'm looking to create a more solid hash, something like shatter rather than oil. I typically wait and whip my product once all the iso has evaporated.
    What I am thinking it take a electric skillet, set it to 115*F or so, with a fan for quicker evap and let the solution drip onto this slowly, once everything has fallen through the filters, wash with a small amount of cold iso, let that evaporate. Cover the tray, freeze it, collect the hash, put it on parchment paper, then put it back on the pyrex dish on the skillet at 115*F. 
    Will this be enough to get a shatter consistency if I whip, heat and freeze repeatedly. Or would I need to get a vacuum to get iso to shatter?

  2. whipping? freezing? how will that get you shatter?
    If you arent using a vac, you better be heat purging for at least 2-3 days, keep your temps below 110 and you should be able to get shatter.
  3. I've found that whipping my iso, then spreading it as thinly as possible, freezing it, chopping it to a powder, and repeating the process tends to solidify the product, I can't find any viable reason it would, but historically, this has helped me make oil turn closer to a budder, or just a less viscous oil.
    Of who could reply to this thread, I was hoping you, cloud, or one of the other experts would. You think 110* for 3 days would really do the trick? I'm snagging an infrared no contact thermometer soon, I just need to find a good skillet that will stay consistent temperature wise for a few days then, as I tend to be in and out throughout the day.
  4. So I just found a killer deal for this vacuum on craigslist;
    anyone able to tell me if this would be an appropriate vacuum to use, I cannot seem to find a value for microns, nor a value that can be converted to microns.
  5. God, that pump looks beautiful, I honestly feel my iso is being purged pretty well how i've done it historically though, and with finances the way they are I cannot convince myself to spend that much, the pump I am looking at is gonna cost me around 60 with gas though, so far the specs i've been able to find are:
    1 cfm, 1/10 hp, 115 volts, 3.8 amps, the pressure is given as "3 x 10 Less ThanM, 86 Greater Than" I cannot for the life of me figure out what the website means by this
  6. So on an unrelated note, anybody have any good info on making iso into shatter without a vac?
  7. quicker wash of the product. 
    stirring for 15 seconds is going to be less shattery than if you run the iso over it as quickly as you can.
    saving the rest for a second wash where it will be more oily. 
    also, depending on what your using; buds, keif, trim, etc, it will turn out different. but all with get you high as F. 
    the longer you wait the better, a little heat and more surface area will, naturally, speed up the process.
    a pic would help more
    Good luck.

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