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  1. I've read several threads on QwISO and making ethanol tinctures. If I understand the threads correctly it appears that Isopropyl alcohol dissolves the resin much quicker. Some of the threads say to shake the mixture of weed and Iso for only 10 minutes or so. Most of the Green Dragoon or tincture recipe state that the weed/ethanol mixture needs to sit for 10 days give or take.
    Two Questions
    1.) Is isopropyl alcohol a much better a solvent? Is the process that much quicker, or could a shorter time be used with ethanol as well?
    2.) Most of the Iso threads say you don't have to cure the plant. You can put green uncured bud/trim in the Iso right away. Can I do the same with ethanol if I heat the bud in the ethanol to make sure it's decarbed (double boiler at a temperature below the flash point of ethanol)? I would prefer to cure less of the trim etc.. it's added time and labor I'd like to skip if possible.

  2. just to be clear here, your making tincture? IPA is toxic and shouldnt be ingested so are you talking about making oil with the IPA and then dissolving the oil into ethanol?
  3. I should clarify. I would like to find a recipe for a quick concentrate similar to QWiso that I can smoke or vaporize. I like the fact that you don't have to cure the bud first and its quick to make. From reading the stickies I looks much simpler and takes less labor.
    I'm wondering if I could use 91% ethanol to make it. The Iso makes me nervous, and I'd prefer to stay away from butane.  I realize I'm probably being over cautious but If possible I would prefer to use ethanol. If I cant ill stick to tincture.
  4. ethanol is a much better solvent. Keep everything frozen and your washes quick.
    read through the ISOhead thread for some good alcohol extraction tech.

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