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ISO oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NLdrifter, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. hey guys , I apologize if this has been covered before but I just made a small batch of ISO oil from about 10 gs of really good bud , actuslly about 5 different strains tossed in . I did the 2 washes with ISO but admitted I didn't freeze the alcohol for long or the weed due to reasons I couldn't control , so I let it evap on its own mostly but it was taking long a I didn't spread it thin enuf , I had it in a jar . So I used a plug in heater with fan to get it evap till it thickened up really good like RSO and smelled crazy potent , I wasn't convinced though I had all the alcohol gone and I didn't have anywhere to slowly heat it and because it's a small amount I just used a lighter under the glass and I was right , alcohol started bubbling fast so I removed heat and stirred it around a bit and then applied heat a few more times till it got so thick it would barely move . After cooling it's so thick now it's basically like shatter . I know this is a butcher job and I shoujd of waited till I had somewhere better to do it but I wanted it for pain relief . I still have it in the jar as I need to get a blade to scrape it out but being that it's so thick is it safe now to assume I got all the alcohol? I was thinking of trying to put in on a larger surface area of Glass and try to warm it to see it if bubbles more but i don't think it will . I know the lighter heat wasn't the right way and it's crazy hot but am I safe to assume it's decarbed ? If not how can I be sure now ? I don't want to keep heating it and ruin the potency . I'm considering trying to soften it and mix with ejuice for my vape or mix with coconut oil and make pill capsules ? Any thoughts on best way or maybe i shoujd just dab it . I was really hoping for a more oil consistency like RSO or even C2O oil so I can put direct in vape ? Also if I have a 5 grammer of RSO (Iso oil ) or C2O oil how can I be sure it's been decarbed or how should I decarb after I get it ? Because it's a small amount would just heating it a few times with a lighter while in the glass vial work . Also I noticed mixed results when making capsules with oil I bought ( good potency oil ) , is it maybe not decarbed , or is it because I'm not making a solution with coconut oil or something else ? 1 last ? Lol , if I want to mix a 5 grammer or maybe 10 grams with coconut oil for edibles or capsules how much coconut oil should I use as the Oil is obviously higher thc than just bud as its already an extract ? Sorry for long write and for my butcher methods lol . I won't attempt again till I'm better set up . I just wanted to try a small batch to make a few grams using pure bud in 20% thc range to compare to What I got elsewhere but I'm a bit dissapointed in texture as I wanted to spread on paper like RSO etc but seems most want the texture I got lol so I shouldn't complain . Gotta go get some parchment now as obviously I can't use a syringe or vial now like I hoped . Thanks

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  2. Too many questions. If there's still alcohol in it it'll sting your throat. About decarbing, how hot is "crazy hot" and how long was it that hot?
  3. I honestly don't know the temp but it got really bubbling till I thought all the solvent was out and I let it sit and then heated again , did this 3 or 4 times till it wouldn't bubble anymore , it's really hard now to the point it snaps off in pieces , I tried a micro dab and it actually tastes decent , not harsh at all and was very potent . I might try to put a piece in a capsule to see if I get any affects like that . If not I will just dab it . Was thinking of diluting in ejuice to put in vape or dilute in coconut oil but I will wait to do it another time . Plus I don't like the idea of putting ejuice in it . Thanks and sorry for all the ?s
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  4. Just dab it man it'll get you the highest

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  5. For this batch yes I will just dab it but I really like smoking it on paper as well but I can get 5 grammer of RSO and C2O for that but I want something to take as capsules etc for pain as sometimes I can't smoke and I'm thinking something strong to ingest might help pain better than smoking .
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    If it breaks at room temp then all the alcohol is out and you didn't decarb it. Decarbed oil stays liquid as THC is liquid at room temperature and THCA is solid at room temp. Or so I've read, I haven't decarbed oil intentionally but I have got it a lot hotter than what I wanted and it stayed sappy. If you warm your glass a little it'll soften up and you can scrape it without it flying all over then put it on your parchment or silicone for easy handling. Good job.
  7. And please, never use an open flame around ISO.

    Things don't always end well.
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  8. Thanks guys . The oil was already extremely thick but still liquidy on the center of the jar where it collected thicker so I used a lighter underneath the glass jar just to get it bubbling and then I removed the heat and kept stirring until it stopped and I repeated this a few times until no bubbles formed but I do agree about the flame for safety and consistent temps so I won't be doing it again until I'm set up better . Actuslly next time I will likely use some source of heat to speed it up but also to keep it a bit sappy so i can spread on paper as well .
  9. 1 quick ? If I use a rice cooker or something along those lines like maybe a double boiler to evap faster this normally leaves it softer like I want but how do I know I heated it enuf to decarb it . Or should I decarb the weed 1st . I know it takes away from taste etc but I want to be able to make capsules as many times I can't smoke
  10. I have decarbed the weed first when I wanted decarbed oil but I don't know which is better or if it matters. It may be easier to make QWISO then heat the oil in the oven for temp control. I think I'll do it that way the next time I want decarbed oil. Here's something from Skunk on decarbing oil. Decarboxylation
    I've also spread some underpurged oil on rolling papers and let them finish purging on the paper. After a couple of months they were no longer sticky and could be handled. It may have not taken that long, I didn't check earlier.
  11. Thanks for the info , lots of good info there . With just over 1.5 grams left on this batch I will just dab or smoke on paper , it's so thick though that's is very close to shatter but softens more if u handle it where bb ho shatter I can play with it and shape it , it makes I tough to spread on papers unless you warm the needle often enuf to keep it soft to spread but was worth the effort , it gets me a good buzz either way but I noticed it is a bit more sedative than the CO2 stuff I get off my buddy but i was maybe higher longer and seemed better for pain but not sure yet . I used heat at the end with a lighter under the jar I had it in just to be safe I got it all and it bubbled up good , I did it a few times to be sure and it no longer bubbled at all so I'm wondering if it decarbed enuf or at all , I think it may have affected the taste a bit though as it has the RSO taste which uses heat to disolve all the alcohol . 2Moro I will try a capsule to see if I get a buzz . Either eay though I'm not going to try and decarb more .
  12. If you want to decarb oil all you have to do is buy a coffee cup warmer and put your container of choice on it with your oil/shatter in it(i just use my no-goo container) and watch it till it stops bubbling. Takes me anywhere from 30-90 mins and the warmer gets to give or take 150-200. You could also put in a oven covered at 240 for 30-60 mins. If you don't decarb and eat the qwiso your gonna waste it and feel salty about it.
  13. Actually I thought of that but was thinking it wouldn't get hot enuf . Do u eat as is or mix in a cocunut oil or something simular as I hear it helps the body absorb the thc better !
  14. I only have a bit left 1.5 g maybe , that is getting me high in splifs so I might just wait till next time I make it or when I get C2O oil . Mine gives a decent high in splifs but I could of done a better job with taste , I think due to a long soak . I will improve I'm sure lol , thanks
  15. We don't need to eat one kind of oil to help absorb another. Our bodies know how to absorb it just fine by itself.
  16. That's what I thought but I've read the fat helps the body absorb the thc better but I know lots of people that are RSO like it is . I didn't find it that strong when I made a few capsules with dispensary bought RSO which was fairly potent smoking but had stronger for sure . RSO is made using heat so it should be decarbed enuf . I also found the CO2 oil weak in capsules as well but I hear it don't decarb while making ? But so far even edibles like jelly bombs and chocolate bars ( ate small amount) and the thc pop all weak but I've smoked weed and hash and oils for 30 plus years so might be my tolerance but I don't need much when smoking or vaping so not sure why ? Any thoughts ?
  17. I don't get off on dispensary edibles at all. It's my tolerance. I used to be able to get off on edibles. Now I have to make my own and make them strong. There is a thread in here somewhere that teaches how to make capsules . I think it's called Help I can t get off on edibles. Then someone came in on that thread and told him how to make really strong capsules.
  18. Thanks I will check it out

  19. Bks has best medicinal cap thread. Letting you manipulate the thc into what your looking for. Its in incredible edible herbs. Thats what i use or based off of. My gf greened out last week n hated it; dont blame her.
  20. Also you dont need another fat/oil to absorb the thc into your system, itll just make better use of it and than a lil will go a longer way. Also look into lecithin. Its a game changer seriously.

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