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Iso Oil Into Ball?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by success, May 29, 2013.

  1. so i made some iso hash and its been evaporating for a little over a day now. i used 99% alcohol. its a REALLY oily substance. id like to turn in harder and into a ball. how can i do that.

  2. You could just form it into a ball its not that complicated.
    the shape its in is entirely irrelevant though lol; the only "good" way to alter the consistency of oil lies within the process itself, which you already did haha. I'd say just put it on a heat source (electric griddle on WARM setting or a heated blankets work great) and let it evap more. Usually oil gets that gooey sticky hard to deal with consistency when its not purged very well. I think scraping it up too early is what usually does it.
  3. I've mixed mine with a very small amount of keif to make the consistency a little bit thicker and easier to work with.  Start small and add more until it gets workable.
    don't do this! ever. especially if you plan on doing dabs. 
    with that said, if you want a more solid substance, you have to freeze the iso and the nug for AT LEAST 24 hours before you do the extraction. go read through the isohead thread and ask these questions in there, they can help you out better and they check the thread often..

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