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  1. Im familiar with this method of hash making and have separated the aclohol by using a coffee filter, but the leaf and trichs are sticking together in the filter, so i have a sandy green substance which to me isnt finished yet. I Hear using a nylons to screen all the powedery stuff that i have to filter the green leaf, but i dont see how this will work. Im confused and ive got some nice brown powder from what i extracted, i just want to make it more proffessional now, and since its dried up how would i be able to form a rock with it ? i know when the alcohol was evaporating u can form a nice chunk but i let it all dry up!
  2. cmon no input ? It sure is good to smoke but i wanna make it pureeeee
  3. I'm not exactly sure what your question is.. try rephrasing it, maybe you'll get more replies
  4. Ok... im needing some help finding some material to filter this hash from the gritty weed. I have used several steel mesh but theres still stuff in the hash! Ive read pantyhose, but i dont know!

    Basically it smokes great but it still needs to be refined!
  5. !!! no one can help ? hasnt anyone made hash with 99% alcohol before ? Shake it up throw it in the freezer, and then put it through a series of filters(WHICH IM UNSURE OF), let it dry and theres your hash!
  6. this is what i did

    -Turn your herb into a near powder (grind it, chop it, mash it what have you)
    -Take herb and put it in a glass jar
    -cover herb with rubbing alcohol (the high "proof" the better)
    -let set for 3 days
    -filter with a metal screen, a silk screeners screen (best bet) or pantyhose (i used a metal screen nothign came thru)
    -colect it all on a glass plate and wait the alcohol evaporates

    good stuff gets you BLAAAAZZZZZED
  7. Personally I prefer BHO to ISO but they're close enough to give advice:

    1. iso is a solvent solvents break down tric walls relasing oil, oil is liquid, ergo THC is now in iso solution, it went through filter with ISO.

    2. let thew ISO evap. slowly now don't want THC to evap also.

    3. what's left should be sticky golden to dark green/blackish oily mass depending on how long you soaked it (darker) more cloro. and other suff not needed.

    There's much more but that'll get you started.:D

  8. hmm, you're not supposed to let it sit so long, because the alcohol absorbs all the chlorophyll from the leaves too. from what I read you just pour it and shake it like crazy for 2 minutes and then filter it out... should give a nice pure blonde extract... and I guess if you wanted to see if you got anything out of the remaining leaves you could just recover them with fresh alcohol and let that sit for a few days liek taht if you want.. as a secondary oil.... not much, you'd probably get a little bit. as for the filters I really don't know man. I heard that you can get good filters from silk screening places, but that's not exactly the easiest thing to find...
  9. Well... the screening part i guess pantyhose is my best option... the taste is awfull and the hash aint moist its just powder... i got more as i reused most of the alcohol and the trim filtered(put them back in the freezer)

    Im confused about "ergo THC is now in iso solution, it went through filter with ISO."

    Theres oil's that form? ? I thougth all i was recovering was those trics on the leaves, which u can clearly see drop to the bottom of the container slowly. Was i supposed to let ALL the solution evap ? lol i dont see how that could be my mistake...unless some kinda invisible oils are formed in the solution that have to dry.

    I dont let all of it evaporate, i syphon as much as posisble without disturbing what i let fall to the bottom of the plate.
  10. rather than use iso alcohol which isn't fit for human consumption try to use a strong grain alcohol like Everclear.
  11. scrape up all that "brown powder" and put it in a piece of wax paper.

    roll it up in the wax paper nice and tight kinda mushing it up all together. just keep working it and it'll become what i think you're looking for.

    some ISO i made yesterday (30 second wash)

  12. yeah man, from what i've heard bubblebags are the way to go.. i'm waaay too lazy and cheap though :)

    that piece was my second try with ISO, still trying to get the hang of it.
  13. some terpenoids and other noids i can't think of right now (things that produce flavour and smell in weed) are water solulable and some are alcohol soluble. I believe it depends on the strain/genetics. Thats why both methods are useful because you might not get the full flavour/aroma out of just one method.

    i'm speaking from memory a video i saw on urbangrower of a bubblebag store in vancouver. the owner of the store explains alot about hash and stuff. but i watched it a while ago so i could be wrong. and i'm a bit drunk, and we smoked a 2gram L.U.I blunt. hah
  14. metal screen? panty hose.... uhm, i've been using a coffee filter and the last 3 attempts have worked perfect. Just use a coffee filter man, simple and you dont gotta go to the store and buy panty hose.

  15. 30 seconds? is that all it takes????? i left mine in like a week!! damn! will it be better hash if you only let it seep for half a minute (you wont get as much chlorophyll making the smoke kinda harsh and nasty tasting)??? i need to know i made some like a week ago and it was alright but like i said it was a gross taste and harsh. thanks :wave:
  16. yeah man.. 30 seconds. I used about 1 oz of fresh (frozen bud) to get about 2 grams of that.
  17. the iso evaps out
  18. Try something called cheesecloth, it's used for filtering in cooking. I got some at Meijers in the housewares deparment works the best out of what I've tried.
  19. i just made some.
    i soak in a jar for about half an hour and i shake it up a bunch of times
    then i filter threw a steal screen i bought from the dollar store

    then threw a coffee filter.

    i used a stainless steal bowl from the dollar store. pour all the liquid threw the coffee filter into that i place in my bbq out side and use a fish tank heater. i submerge into the alcohol and plug in the heater.

    it took all day i didn't let it evaporate all the way down. just to about 90%. i brought it in the house and used a hair dryer on the rest.

    then when it was all gone i let it sit over night. then the next day i used the hair dryer over it a gain making the oil liquid again and smell for any alcohol. after a few times it was all gone.

    i let it sit over night again then it was all good.

    it was like a red oil this time and really bad ass! 2 hoots off the stove i almost couldn't take it! so strong just as good as my honey oil batch!

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