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ISO Hash

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by trinitynzxt, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Made a 2nd batch of iso (1st time was last night). Shit looks good however it came out where part of it is the blacky oily shit (what it looked like last night) and yellowy green crystalized stuff. heres a pick gonna flame it up in about 10min.

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  2. extra plant matter in that part. either way, the qwiso pictured looks like it was done correctly. dank shit mayne! tok it UP :bongin:

  3. all that made was just from washing out my glass jar i keep my weed in and my grinder in 91% iso. and about .5g of shake.
  4. Last time I made Iso the plate I poured it on to evaporate was about as flat as a black girls ass. Made it a real pain in the ass to scrape it up.

    Thats looking tasty though man, enjoy. :wave:

  5. lol i read that somone else had the same problem so i made sure to use a flatter plate. still tho i think a square pyrex dish is probably the best way to go, will hopefully be able to pick one of those up soon.

    Edit: still haven't smoked it yet as I'm waiting for a friend to stop by to share with and I'm not sure if that is enough for 2 bowls.
  6. Looks tasty, ever since i tried bubble hash i havent really been too interested in ISO any.. enjoy the smokin:smoke:
  7. you guys think thats enough for 2 bowls for seasoned tokers? putting it on top of bud fyi.
  8. whoa,your imagination is so great,haha
  9. depends on ur bowl.. i got bowls that can only handle like .3 and i got bowls that hold 1g+ idk im stoned lol

  10. its a normal sized hand bowl and im just gonna put some on top of the buds. so just wondering if i can split that iso up into 2 bowls or not

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  11. Yes, that is enough for 4 or so bowls. You really don't need much hash....do you wanna get blown?
  12. yea i wanna get blown lol but i dont want to just put it all in one bowl and waste it.
  13. nice looking bowl, yea i would agree also it could be 4+ bowls
  14. so what like 3-4 little rat turd size balls into a bowl
  15. contrary to the popular belief, rat turds are pretty large. at least my rats turds are they push them out like a playdo dispenser
  16. friend is takin to long to get here time to blaze up.
  17. #17 trinitynzxt, Apr 6, 2011
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    i lol'd for a few minutes on that playdo comment.

    Pic of the bowl packed tho its hard to see my iso hash in there (really just an excuse to show pics of my bowl :) )

    I like this bowl because as you can see in the pic it has little feet that keep it from rolling over and I can't remember how many times ive had bowls with hash or kief in em roll over and spill it out. Needless to say this is the kief/hash bowl and for 10 bucks for the pipe was worth the splurge (im a high roller lol)

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  18. haha is that how you measure things? thats awesome!
  19. Duuude you should invest in some glass hotknives and rip that shit, that's a good like 8 skillet rips, aka 8 highs hahahahah

  20. Too fuckin funny but yea here's a pic of rat turds looks like pieces of hash or resin rolled between ones fingers. kinda why i used that as an example.

    +Rep cuz ya made me laugh

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