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Iso hash vaped weed?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by pinkpankpunk, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. I have been vaping for about a month now and have about 3-4 grams of vaped weed and was wondering if it is possible to make hash out of this. If not what else should i do with it, or should i just throw it away? Thanks
  2. I know it sounds stupid but roll a joint of it. I had plenty of vaped nugs that I saved for no reason, then when I hit a dry spell I had to get mids and they were just awful. Out of desperation me and some friends rolled some of the vaped nugs into a joint and it was easily better tasting, and more potent than reg or mids.

    Out of a bowl it can be gross though, tastes like a nearly cashed hit.
  3. get to making that QWISO with that shit ASAP!!!!!! My bro and I started doing just that within the last couple of months and we end up with the thousand yard stare before we finish the bowl :smoking:
  4. you can also cook with vaped weed too :yummy:
  5. QWISO is pretty damn good. i made some two days ago for the first time and got blasted. it was great, especially if you tolerance is high like mine. sometimes its hard to get good and stoned with such a high tolerance.
  6. More than anything I think it's the amount you'll struggle with. As a general rule vaped weed is 2-3 times less potent than normal weed (depending on how much you vape it etc) so 3-4 grams is like 1-2g of normal buds. You wouldn't get much QWISO off of that amount.

    I usually wait until I have between 10-15g of vaped weed and then make a batch of brownies. That usually works out and keeps me high for a few days.
  7. Such is the case with me. Been smoking pretty much every day for over 20 years so my tolerance is off the hook. with that said yeah QWISO is the shit.
  8. i'd make qwiso.
    hashmoufs tutorial.
    I made some for the first time yesterday around 6, let it evaporate over night and scraped it this morning..
    I only used 1.5 grams and got a little dab, but it gets me high as FUCK.
    -back on track-
    You probably wouldn't even yeild a gram doing QWISO with 3-4 grams.
    Maybe save longer, or make a small amount :)

  9. Actually you probably wouldn't even make an eighth of a gram.
    The best way to use your vaped bud is definately not KWISO because all of the kief has been vaped so there is nothing to wash.
    The best way is either dissolve it into butter or you can make hash using the butane method.
    You will need a lot more then 3-4 grams though. Good luck.
  10. Alright thanks everyone for the advice. I guess I will just plan on saving up the vaped weed until i have about 10 grams and bake.
  11. I've done a few iso hash extractions from vaped bud and it turns out fine, not really potent, but still gets you stoned. The iso alcohol extracts oils that contain cannabinoids that don't vaporize till 420 deg F. THC vaporizes way before at around 300 F, this explains the hash's sedative characteristics.

    Definitely save up an ounce or so to get a decent yield of ~1-2g of black, sticky solid hash

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