iso hash oil?

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  1. Last night i took 91% iso alchohol and took all the leaves of the dro buds i got and had a nice pile. I then mixed them in a glass jar for 3o minutes. strained threw a coffe filter into a glass baking pan. let dry over night and in the morning I scraped it together. But there was no oil or oily suntances. It resembled pressed kief. I smoked some anyway and it got me high. So how come it wasnt oily?
  2. heres how to make hash oil from shake/bud.

    Using Marijuana
    Tools needed:
    -Porcelain cooking pot or heat resistant pyrex bowl.
    -Cast iron skillet (frying pan larger than the porcelain pot)
    -Coffee filters (re-usable gold filters work very well)
    -2 bowls
    -Isopropyl alcohol (commonly available at pharmacies, look for alcohol that is 99% pure, denatured alcohol also works well, sometimes isopropyl alcohol is called rubbing alcohol)

    Take 1 coffee filter, and place your marijuana in it. Pour the alcohol over the marijuana in the coffee filter so that the alcohol drains into one of the bowls. Squeeze every bit of the alcohol from the marijuana into the bowl.
    Now transfer the same marijuana into a clean coffee filter, and use the same alcohol to pour over it again into the second bowl.
    Keep repeating this over and over again. If you have a problem with the coffee filters breaking apart while you are squeezing the marijuana, use 2 or 3 coffee filters at a time. The alcohol will turn green.
    Next, take the iron skillet set it on the stove, and put the porcelain pot into the skillet. Fill the skillet with water.

    Alcohol is extremely flammable.
    --------------- Don't be stupid, be CAREFUL!
    Do not cook the alcohol over the open flame. The water in the skillet assists in preventing the alcohol from getting too hot and helps to prevent the alcohol from igniting on fire.
    Ensure your kitchen has good ventilation. Use the stove fan and other fans to move the air around in order to prevent fumes from gathering in one place and igniting.
    Let the alcohol in the porcelain pot in the skillet simmer on LOW. Make sure the skillet remains full of water. The alcohol will evaporate very quickly.
    Make sure you do not let it evaporate too quickly or burn the alcohol.
    Once all the alcohol has been evaporated off, you will be left with hash oil. Take a razor blade and scrape it up and smoke it.

    This is from the site-
    it is a good resource on ways to make anything from hash to honey oil. ive never heard of making oil the way that you described so this should help you out.
  3. I just followed the instructions from this site found in "six ways to make hash" but i did mix it with bakin soda to make it not sticky, as i was told in an other site
  4. You mixed it with baking soda? How much? If you let it dry long enough it has been known to turn to powder. But maybe the baking soda had something to do with it.
  5. Instead of doing all that straining and changing of coffee filters, wouldn't it be just as effective to let the leafs soak in the alcohol for 20-30 min and then strain?
  6. The purpose of the repeated straining is to dissolve any THC and cannabinoids because they dissolve within the first couple seconds, whereas the chlorophyll takes longs to dissolve. This way you get a much smoother tasting oil, with very little green hopefully.
  7. I usually cut the bottom off a bottle, turn it upside down so its like a funnel, fill with pot, then strain into a container and repeat. This way you can easily get the balance you want between quality and quantity (i start brewing just as it starts to get a green tinge)
  8. im thinking of making some but how do u store it
  9. i store my hash oil in an air tight glass jar but im going to make jelly hash with the batch i just made

  10. My god... where did you read that?

    That's probably your problem right there. Also, you should have only mixed the trim and iso for a maximum of 30 seconds.
  11. Full Melt - "maximum of 30 seconds" ditto. surely no more than 60 secs, people don't realizxe this chemical reaction is instant. As soon as a thc molecule gets hit with alcohol then it's dissolved.

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