ISO Hash Help Please -->1st timer, did i make too much or..?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Inthedirt4good, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hey member blades, got a question about this QWISO stuff i might be working/researching just pulled out off the freezer and chopped up.. So its fairly large.. batch, with isopropyl alcohol 91%. There is quite alot of liquid in the dish after baking, then freezing. This liquid, what would you call it or do with it? yes... i am a newb, and not experienced with hash.. Is the run off the oil? and is it possible to furter concentrate it into a thicker state. Thank you.
  2. did you let it dry then put it in the freezer and when ever i make hash oil i cut up my weed and freeze my weed in a air tight jar so its more dry and trirocromes fall easier and the next morning or night i pour the 91% in it shake it for 45 seconds let sit 30 and fiter it on a reuse able coffe filter to big plates so it drys faster and i put a fan on it let it sit and i boil water and put the plate on it after its boiling (turn off stove before the plate )
  3. and after its scraped up just ball it up to one peice my oil always turns ouut realy dense the only time it didnt is when too much plant mater got through
  4. You can always overpurge it to make it hard but it'll take like cat turd. iso oil often comes out runny unless you use entire buds not ground up or even broken up.
  5. i almost always use only ground up bud and the final result is hard and extremley dense but still pli able
  6. Hey just want to thank you again. Everything turned out really really well.

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