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ISO hash experiment question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by immortal agony, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Since I never seem to get much of an effect from edibles and smoking AVB is nasty, I decided to take a few vaped grams I had saved and put em in a jar with about a quarter oz. of stems I had been too lazy to throw away. The first couple recipes I saw online mentioned keeping the shit in the jar for twenty minutes or so, shaking it periodically, which is what I did...but now that I investigate further, a lot of recipes say to leave the weed in the alcohol for no more than two or three minutes. Did I fuck up? (It's evaporating right now.)

  2. it wont hurt anything. just overkill
  3. yeah after X amt of time the thc is done being extracted and it starts taking clorophyl. you only want it in there for like 20 seconds while shaking.
  4. Not a big deal. Just going to have very dark hash because you got more plant matter in there. It'll still get you blazed :smoking:
  5. Love iso never had bho tho.. but I always come out with honey color.. trick is freezing it and not shaking it but swirling it around I had the best purest shit... Secounds batch.comes out dark brown.. Idk how to post pic or ill show u my recent small batch of iso.
  6. Like other's have mentioned, it will still work - you are just going to get a lot more stuff in the hash that isn't THC (plant matter, chlorophyl etc.) You'll probably end up w/ a decent amount of hash, but it won't be as potent as it would have been if you had put it in iso for 30 seconds.

    Chalk this one up as a lesson learned :)

  7. Indeed. Experience is the best way to learn with qwiso, you'll get the hang of it

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