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  1. Sup guys theres a kit avalible to the public for performing QWISO extractions that uses a glass extractor tube and a low pressure hand pump. Ive personally used the kit and it works great! 18-22% yields depending on the product used. Very simple and easy to use. Very good for the beginning extractor.


    Later guys!
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    Whats the advantage of this over a reg. iso method? Iso is a fairly simple extraction to start
    -took another look, and im guessing it limits the iso contact time with your product? So you cant oversoak, i assume? Actually does seem very useful to anyone not experienced with it. But how do you get such high yield with a limited soak time?(w/o getting excess plant matter)
  3. Is there a link or video ?
  4. The advantages IMO are...

    -Less Tools needed
    -No waiting for ISO to drain through coffee Filters
    -No transfer of liquid = No Lost ISO
    -Uses small amount of ISO
    -Fill the tube, Squirt The ISO, Pump on to the plate.

    The yields are based off of the beginning product. I was running some really good looking outdoor Blue Cheese that was yielding me 19%. This week ive got some sour Diesel that is yielding me 22%

    My wash times are short, probably about 15-20 seconds each one, 8 washes total Which means the total time the iso is actual in contact with the bud is under 3 1/2 mintues.

    Thanks for the interest guys!

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