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Iso evaporation fumes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Corndogs, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Just made some QWISO hash with some 99% iso in my kitchen.. I made a decent amount and have a plate literally full that if I move I will spill everywhere, my question is would it be alright to let the iso evaporate into my kitchen? AKA are the fumes dangerous? :smoking:
  2. Help before I die :p
  3. I always do it in my kitchen with a window open, I don't think it's safe though I always get pretty light headed but I'm fine now lol just make sure there are no open flames around
  4. I smoked a J when I made some recently but I wouldn't recommend it. Just open the doors/window.
  5. wtf?^ your gonna blow up;)
  6. Its 30 degrees fuck that I got my heat on I cant open no windows haha, ill just stay outta my kitchen for a day or two hows that sound lol
  7. open a window and air the space out...Isopropyl alcohol is quite volatile so it will evaporate relatively quickly. No worries, just don't sit in a room with no fan on with the fumes and you'll be straight.
  8. Don't you have an exhaust fan in your kitchen?
  9. This, but any fan or fan-like machine will help in the evaporation. You may want to use a large cooking/baking sheet insted of a plate (if that is what you are using, idk). A larger surface area will allow the ISO to evaporate faster.
  10. I stopped being lazy and brought it to the basement. Case solved I guess.
  11. there ya go. next time when u do that, take some plastic wrap and put it over the top to help u not spill while u move it to a safe spot. general rule of thumb, vent the area whenever ur dealing with fumes.
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    this is how i lit my kitchen on fire. i had some extract that i made with iso, inside a container with the lid off evaporating. I decided i had the munchies so i turned the stove on. we have an older stove (the one with flames for burners.) i had the container on the window seal, went to open the blinds, knocked the container off and it spilt into the flame and all down the side of the stove and cabinet and floor. everything ignited. Shit was intense! it spilled on my legs and feet and burnt me. ended up going to the hospital for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I managed to put the fire out with an excessive amount of milk, soda pop, water, andany other liquid i could find in the fridge.

    DO NOT DO THIS IN YOUR KITCHEN. do it outside and put a cover or something over it if you are worried about rain.

    I guess you could say i was being stupid or irresponsible, but ive made extracts plenty of times and allowed them to evaporate indoors almost every time. needless to say... i learned my lesson. freak accidents suck.

  13. and a little PSA.... REMEMBER TO STOP DROP AND ROLL U CLUMSY S.O.B.'s!!!:eek:

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