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Iso Evaporating

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Corndogs, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Posted in beginners.. probably shouldn't have.. here we go

    Just made some QWISO hash with some 99% iso in my kitchen.. I made a decent amount and have a plate literally full that if I move I will spill everywhere, my question is would it be alright to let the iso evaporate into my kitchen? AKA are the fumes dangerous? :smoking: Thanks in advance.
  2. yeah the fumes can give u a headache

    if u have a fan on ur stove turn that on and open a windeow

    or have the iso beside an open window and a fan facing the window sucking the fumes and blowing em out the window

    also if u keep ur iso on a flat big surface it will evap quicker

    the more surface area and thin/spread out the iso is the quicker it will evap

    ur shit gonna take awhile man

    how did u run ur qwiso????

    and if u havent already check out

    lotta helpfull ppl who can help ya out with any questions

    come on in and join the isoheads man
    were a big happy fam over there

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