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Iso And Weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nugagerube, May 28, 2013.

  1. So I've heard quite a few people talk about putting their kief or weed or something in Isopropyl alcohol and I just want some clarification. If you put weed in iso or put iso in something that has weed in it and let it evaporate you can still smoke the weed without worrying about health repercussions?

  2. Watch youtube vids...
  3. What do you propose I type in on the search bar? Putting Iso in weed?
    How about this: Don't post if you cant answer. I've seen you post several times tonight not even answering or actively engaging in the conversation or adding anything into it. You don't need to post just to rack up your post count.
  4. As long as the ISO is completely evaporated you should be fine.
     You could and so long as your solvent was clean to begin with (and you evaporate it fully), the leftover plant matter wouldn't be any more or less healthy than the hash or concentrate.
     But if you made your concentrate well, there really shouldn't be anything left in that plant matter to get you buzzed! :)
     You can perform a clean, fast wash or two, even three to get some good, clear concentrate, then soak for a full minute or two to get the last of it out if needed, and the remaining plant matter will be inert. Or you can just do one quick wash, then try smoking the remaining 'bud'... but I don't know if you'd even want to, considering it would pale in comparison to the hash you've just made (not to mention normal bud). :)
     Unfortunately, pre-washing with solvents is something unscrupulous dealers and commercial growers do to rip people off and increase their profits. They get to keep the hash, or sell it as well as the buds, and the trichomes or crystals on the buds even remain intact; they're just depleted of their contents. :(
  6. Thank you, that explains a lot and answers my question completely. I appreciate the help in clarifying for me.
  7. well mother fucker, i think you just don't like me. Im sorry i don't put my heart into every damn post..i looked up how you do this on youtube. Put herb in jar, fill with iso, strain, evaporate, is it that hard to understand? Know how i learned? Reading previous posts about how to make isohash on youtube. Shit, sorry i dont meet your standards but when youve been here scence 09 seeing a fresh "how do i make this iso hash ive been hearing about" why should i do his research and give him links. Sorry im a blade here in gc not a slave i have my own opinions and im entitled to them. :0

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