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Iso alcohol + what kind of salt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sarufang, May 27, 2010.

  1. Howdy

    My first real piece just arrived in the mail this morning "being a LW 15 arm bubbler" and before the christening later I wanted to get the cleaning materials sorted.

    So basically I now live in Australia and purchasing things like Grunge Off will cost a massive 60+ or so to get it here. I was just pretty much double checking to be safe / for my own peace of mind what is the correct salt to buy to clean a good piece with? Am i after the normal table salt with tiny tiny crystals you have in salt shakers or the bigger chunkier rock salt you grind up in salt/pepper mills.

    Sorry for asking such an openly answered question it's just I feel a strong urge to take every step in making sure this gets the proper love.

  2. The big crystal chunk kind
  3. How would large salt crystals help you at all? They would just gum up the works! You need something small enough to move freely in solution with the alcohol, table salt will work just fine.
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    If I knew the answer to my own question I probably wouldn't have made this thread or be posting in this section of the forums, thanks for the answer anyway.

    "The big crystal chunk kind"

    Guess you're joking or..?
  5. no man..... sea salt is what u want. 420 cleaning fluid is just 90% iso and sea salt.... promise ive tasted it.... long story but i promise thats what it is
  6. Wrong. Coarse salt is an abrasive which works to help scour the glass. It doesn't 'gum' anything up.

    To answer the question, any coarse salt like kosher or sea salt is fine. It only takes a bit. Think of the mix as a liquid solvent/sandpaper.
  7. I use regular table salt. Works just as well.
  8. It'll work but not as well.
  9. #9 sarufang, May 27, 2010
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    Thanks for the answers everyone, I totally feel like less of an idiot for making this thread now as when i was searching I also couldn't find a difinitive answer! it always listed both.

    I believe I have both sorts at home anyway so I could try both and just see how it goes, In my head i was leaning towards the sea salt.

    Honestly though thanks friends.
  10. You shouldn't feel like an idiot. We learn by asking questions.
  11. Like osg said, find coarse salt. Epsom salt, Morton salt, kosher salt, etc are all more coarse then regular table salt.
  12. Yeah i was looking at GO - Grunge Off, only seen rave reviews for that though? anyway that can't be an option for me either way it's just too damn expensive to ship.
  13. Cheers for the words and advice OSG, everyone else who helped too!

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