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  1. Hey people, whats good? Anyway, I've been trying to get my perc clean. I have a bong with a tree perc, and the perc is just brown. I use simple green because its the only stuff I can find that gets recommended a lot, and is meant to be safe. This works for all of my bong except the perc, the rest of it will be spotless and shiny after a soak in simple green, with shaking at random points in time, going over the spots I can reach with a pipe cleaner, then a good rinse. The perc may get slightly cleaner, but I can never get it near as clean the rest of the bong. I've been advised to use iso alcohol, but all I can find around is 40% that they have at the chemist (which they had to order in over night) that did almost nothing, and a 125 ml bottle of 99% at bunnings for $8, but that is obviously not enough, and would be too expensive. So it would be a great help if anyone knew any places I could get strong enough iso in Australia (specifically Victoria) for less than $8 for 125 ml, or something else that would work to get my whole bong clean again.
    Thanks :)

  2. Wow... That has to be annoying...
    91% Isopropyl is your best bet. If you can't find isopropyl then look into the specificaly made 420 cleaner. It's just iso, salt and scents but it works. It's about $6 for a bottle.
    You could order it online if you have to.

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