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ISO-3 The Quartermaster -- Alchemy Class

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by PsychedelicSam, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. This is the info I got from BerkLab:
    "The new condenser now reclaims with any collection vessel. No big concern with leveling now either. Very simple. Fill with water to below the spring posts and you're good to go. Collection can be very fast if the light bulb almost touches the bottom of the processing vessel." :)

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  2. Cool
    I wish I knew what to do with the vent hole
    I like the fact that no leveling required, and the water part.
    I told you in the past Mine only reclaimed when the light bulb was almost touching the container.
    All good info.
    I am sure my new rig needs a vent hole
    I guess I will email again
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  3. OK
    I heard back from the ISO people, and I was told the new top condenser does need to have a top vent hole
    Just in case
    So all is good in the world again
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  4. just finished watching the video - a couple of questions for anyone....
    at the 19:00 minute mark he has the oil in the silicon cup and he puts the silicon cup back into the extraction vessel to evaporate the last bit of alcohol. He did have water in there using the iso3 in a water bath mode. When he puts the silicon cup back into the extraction vessel is there still water in there or is it dry?
    He evaporates the mix down to mostly just oil and then adds back some alcohol to transfer to the silicon cup (and then evaporates that) why bother evaporating it down that far to begin with? why not just stop a bit earlier and skip the step of adding back some alcohol?
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    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
    I just watched that part a few times
    He says to put silicon cup with alcohol/oil in it right on the bottom of the heat chamber not into any water and reduce.
    So am not 100% sure but I would say no water.
    Silicon can withstand high temps, my wife uses it in oven and even outdoor grill now.
    I say no water, what say you Sam / group?
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  6. @pushu
    I found this right in the ISO3 Guide book
    I say no water

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  7. I like this method (silicon cup) It makes cleanup easy and hardly any loss of the frozen oil
    and right into storage if need be.
  8. I agree Stiggy... using that silicon cup makes for easy clean up with little loss of material. I didn't think there would be any water in the processing vessel but just wasn't sure. What are your thoughts about my last part of the question where he evaporates most of the alcohol and then adds some back only to evaporate that?
  9. I think he is adding the alcohol back to rinse the collection(metal Container ) of all valuable oils
    and than poured into the silicon cup with the other oil to be reduced.

    Maybe I missed that part you are talking about the 19min mark right
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  10. it's at the 17:45 mark
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  11. OK he is adding the ec190 back to dilute to allow a good rise of the container so it pours into the Silicon cup easier and cleans the oil out of the metal container.
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  12. OK... I see
    thanks Stiggy
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  13. I may try to run a batch of oil
    soon. That is if my ex grow partner comes though
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  14. That's the water chamber. The 2qt is used to recover the alcohol with the extraction basket then the solid 1.5qt is put inside another 2qt that has water in it which is the source of the heat. The silicone or metal cup or beaker goes inside that for the final evaporation. He may have wanted to get as much reclaim as possible or it evaporated further than anticipated.

    I never see notifications for you or Stiggy so forgive me for not chiming in sooner. :rolleyes:

  15. It will be interesting to see how the new condenser works.
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  16. started my hemp reduction this morning. Used the original freezer method but using the iso3 (with the new head) to recover the everclear.
    Still not sure what I am going to do with the finished product
    started with 2 oz of hemp flower
  17. Reduce it to a concentrated tincture then start trying it out. It's going to be strictly medical but it will be the same as a high-CBD strain. There's not going to be much difference in the THC percentage, not enough to make an impact. Use it for different scenarios. The effects are something that you'll need to map out as you go.

    I was very unsure about the high-CBD with little THC and how effective it would be but by now I have found some important uses for it, mainly the stroke and other neurological treatments. Check it out. It's still cannabis even if it's categorized as "hemp". :)
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  18. How would you take this tincture Sam? would you cap it with some EVCO?
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  19. I wouldn't cap it unless there's a specific CBD regimen being employed although it is something you may want to keep in the back of your mind for when you'd deciphered its effects. Even if you only have 5-6mg/ml it's still much more than what would be found in high-THC strains. It will be much better to ascertain it's benefits if you use it as a tincture, GD or an MCT oil.

    I suggest that you keep most of it as a GD but also do a solvent transfer to MCT oil and add a small amount of lecithin. I have been using this option with my high-CBD and working with others using it and I find it to be a very efficient way of medicating with that technique. While I don't use or get any special boost with ingesting lecithin with my oil, I have found it to work well for sublingual use as long as you're using low volume. Sometimes I put it in a smoothie or a cup of tea.

    See how that works while keeping the bulk as GD. Try mixing a bit of it with your normal dose to see how it changes the effects. You can try it straight up, then in various ratios. If you have a willing someone in the family who has some issue that may benefit from high-CBD then you may want to have them try it or the oil, too. My friend with the stroke has told me that he improves everyday that he takes the oil.

    I would still use a ratio of 4g/oz or whatever you currently use so that you'll have a common point of reference. Leaving most as GD gives you the option of varying the strength of the oil for the transfers as your experimentation moves forward. :)

    Did you decarb it?
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  20. Been too busy with my wife's Mom
    They are still trying to figure out why her O2 lvls are way down when not on tank.
    She is now going in in a few weeks to have her neck arteries cleaned Lots and lots of approvals needed before they will operate on her due to age.. Maybe after this is done we shall see
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