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Isn't this the tastiest bud you've ever seen?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Samus, May 14, 2003.

  1. Check this out.. This plant is Blackberry X Bubblegum.


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  2. Damn, i got hi jus lookin at it!
  3. yum.......can i have some? :)
  4. Man that looks like a beauty mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!;)
  5. do you have any bigger buds, that one looks kinda small, although VERY good, im sure just a sniff would blow you away.
  6. it isnt my weed, I WISH IT WERE THOUGH! ya i have a bigger pic, its BEAUTIFUL, its my background... but its too big to post here. message me on aim and ill send it to you.

  7. Thanks man, now I have to change my pants.....
  8. LOL, I was hoping to get these reactions.. seriously, someone IM me so i can show you the big picture!!! it has a close up of all the gold hairs and stuff. its really beautiful.. or actually, you can see it at look under blackberry X bubblegum


    ps once you see the big pic, youll need to change your pants again :)
  9. damn it sucks having no money :(
    My friend grows purple weed and sells it. Haven't tried any yet.
  10. Ask him to give you like a .001 of a pinchy, thats all it should take :)

  11. awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. crazy shit man ive never seen anything close to that before
  13. kraaaaazy shizzle!

    Damn that looks so damn tasty!

  14. ..tastey...looks good :)
  15. wow, now that's beauty
  16. damn that is the best shit i have ever seen! shit! black berry. never tried it before, cant wait till i get to! looks like i would get wasted after one hit!
  17. that is some tasty looking shit. i wish i had just one bowlful now.
  18. very cool.

    i was going to try and mix my blueberry and bubblegum but have just been putting it off.

    but damn that looks so delicious that i think maybe its time to get some male bubblegum going.
  19. it doesn't look like it'll get you totally ripped out.... bu5t for the color and taste alone im sure as hell it would be well worth it....
  20. holy shit, that's gotta be an insane high.

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