isnt the police in on seed selling ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by momentum, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. how is seed retail not illegal and doesnt it lead the pig to your home.
    mabie you are all underground/?
  2. That's why there aren't any seed banks in America.
  3. The transport of any live cannabis seed is illegal in the United states. Canada and european companies can mail us seeds because it is legal for them. If we get caught its our responsibility. But everything is usualy packag really well and there is hardly ever a problem. =)

  4. Are ou saying its legal to order seeds in Canada if you live there and they can be shipped to you without worrying about getting caught?

  5. Yes
  6. I wish I would have known that! I have 1000s of seeds
  7. actually there are seed banks in america...there is a topic somewhere on this website (i think its from Mickey T) and he listed a bunch of seed websites and on one of those sites there are american seed banks where you can buy seeds. I think one of them is called NOG something.
  8. American seed banks? Tell me more....

  9. There isn't a legit American seed company that I have heard. All that I've seen are ripoffs. Seedsdirect out of the UK and heavan's stairway in Canada are 2 of the most widely known and legit seed co's there.

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