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Isn't ordering seeds suspicious?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalhead2273, May 19, 2010.

  1. I was thinking of growing weed and / or shrooms. If you ordered marijuana seeds or shroom spores isn't that basically telling the cops you're growing?
  2. dude, you're posting this on

    you've basically just screwed yourself. i'd trash this computer and get a new one if i was you, i wouldn't want the cops to have that info about me.
  3. If you are buying the seeds/spores from cops than yes. If you tell the cops that you are buying seeds/spores than yes. If the cops are none the wiser and you just don't let them know, than no.
  4. What about online? Couldn't they track it?
  5. yes! thats why i said trash the computer. you're leaving waaayyy to much evidence. don't you watch CSI?
  6. Yes !
  7. LOL. Cops dont monitor every single business transaction in the world.
  8. Wouldn't they rather go after the site itself if they wanted to bust someone? There's also no way for them to know you are having seeds sent to you.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. The cops aren't going to come busting your door down over buying some seeds online. Most website transactions are private between you and the company, so police would have to deliberately ask either the company who owns the website or your credit card company if you have made a purchase from that site (and with websites the credit card company is not even able to tell what was purchased a lot of the time). You're just basically being way too paranoid, the worst that will happen is the seeds might get confiscated at customs, but this is unlikely, and even in this case I doubt they would further pursue you about it.
  10. They cant even just ask for information like that. Pretty sure they need a court order to boot.
  11. Yeah, I think this is true as well. Didn't put it in because I'm not completely sure on it, but I believe it's true. +rep for confirming it in my mind :)

  12. Yes :bongin:
  13. I've purchased seeds online many times, not with a CC though, I used a bank card.. Like a Debit Card.
  14. I only have experience with Attitude Seed Bank but I feel safe ordering from them. First off, they claim to have a very secure system so it is hard to hack. They also say they don't store your personal information after your order is complete so there would be no records for anyone to find. Also, they are based in the UK so in order to catch me, the federal police of two different countries would have to work together to find my info and track me down. It simply isn't going to happen.
  15. Its SAF dude... Suspicious As FUCK!

    It's likely that no one will ever find out, but if for some reason someone looks through your transactions it will be very suspicious.
  16. If I ever order seeds, they will get sent to a friends house, or a PO Box. Anywhere but where I will be growing
  17. Well actually I'll be ordering spore syringes. But it will all be under my friends name and we will use a money order and it will get sent to his house then I'll take's that sound?
  18. That will work fine bud.

    Also, another thing to take into consideration is that depending where you live, un-dried hallucinogenic mushrooms aren't prohibited, it's the dried pscylobin that they can prosecute you for. I'm talking about Canada, I'm not very well informed on State laws.

    Anyway, money orders are extremely difficult to track, although they wouldn't be tracking you anyway. Unless they had a reason to suspect you of growing with the intent to sell, and had a court ordered warrant to place you under survaillance, you have nothing to worry about.

    Basically, if they're watching you, it's not useable in court unless YOU KNOW that they're watching you. They have to inform you or it becomes an invasion of privacy. (Like I mentioned though, this is in Canada, you'll have to read up on state laws but often narcotics legislation is pretty similar)

    Hope this helps

    Happy tokin

  19. Lol your too paranoid, cops aren't allowed to monitor private transactions, and most companies aren't retarded. It's not gonna say "Marijuana Seeds" it will be something that doesn't arouse suspicion.

    They could be watching you, but you would know cus they have to tell you that you are under surveillance, if not, that's harassment and an invasion of privacy.

    Some people are just WAY too paranoid for there own good, not to mention a Business transaction is not reasonable suspicion to provide a Search Warrant.
  20. I've always felt that it was shady. In my mind I feel like it sets off some sort of red flag with some sort of agency that will at least keep an eye on your internet activity.

    Now that's probably not what happens - but it could :p

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