Isn't it strange that...

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  1. gc has become like a second reality to me? or a second life, rather. I feel like i "know" a lot of the blades here, and i feel like people here know me more than most of my real friends. Theres a certain kind of honesty and truth you can keep about yourself on a web forum. Its like my true self comes across. Isn't it strange that I feel like there's more people on here who care and try and help and listen than there are in real life? Isn't it strange that a lot of you know my inner-most, intimate, most secret thoughts when probably all but one of my friends don't? Isn't it strange?

    Isn't it even more strange when you think about actually meeting people in person that you've met on here?

    This is my second life. My E-life. My secret life. What would it be like if they fused?

    grasscity... isn't it strange?
  2. yeah i feel the same way, if im at home: im almost always got GC on my labbtop.
    a city away from my city:D
  3. wow, if you wrote that in stanzas, it would be a poem. :D
  4. i agree. yea its kinda odd. but i love this place. i feel like you guys are my family.

    i've felt that way since 2002.

    and even when i didn't stop in for a long pd of time, i thought about you guys all the time.

    kinda corny, but i don't care. i love you guys.
  5. I don't find it so strange. I enjoy it, I can be more free here than I can with friends due to a fair amount of different things stretching from insecurities to my in-ability to post funny pictures in real life.

    Edit: In retrospect, though enjoyable, I suppose it is still fairly strange.
  6. mind = blown

  7. haha. I have that kind of habit. I tend to be poetic a lot of the time. It can get annoying to some people, so i've been told haha

    i love all you guys too! well, there's exceptions:rolleyes:

    see what i mean! Its awesome... but kinda strange... but in the best of ways. I'm strange too and i wouldnt change it for the world. and damn, it'd be sick if we could post funny pictures in real life. Ya kno, thats something i've never done on gc - weird

    My friends talk about how when they're home, they always got facebook up on the computer. Fuck that shit, thats an obligation - i always got gc up, and i love it
  8. I know, it's annoying to get on myspace or something and suddenly have a bunch of messages you have to reply to because people see that your online. I like popping onto GC and replying when I feel like it to who I feel like.
  9. Inspired by xtiffany - i just wrote a poem haha

    Isn't it strange, that here i've found another home
    A city beholding all my needs
    where all my thoughts can roam.

    No kind of insecurity,
    No form of inhibition
    it only feels like love to me
    we talk a lot of ending prohibition:p

    Friends with whom we've never met,
    when i'm lost it is my safety net.
    When glad, I'm here to shout it out
    i help and get helped when in doubt

    No face to the name,
    no lies and no game
    its like home, here
    I feel at ease
    like being kissed upon
    by the summer breeze

    Most so kind, some i can't stand
    so I instigate 'em, till they're banned
    The rest, its love and so much more
    without the talking, its just a store.

    Isn't it strange, that in space i've found a family?
    Isn't it strance, that i feel like you already know me?
    Isn't it strange, that i can say anything i want?
    Isn't it strange, that sometimes here is all i got?
  10. we are just a big happy family
  11. man with your writing talent and your guitar hobby you should really consider playing!

  12. You know... ok wait. Let me rephrase.

    Isn't it strange, that:

    lol jk, but anyways... a lot of people on gc have been telling me this kind of stuff. Its really great and i really appreciate it! I actually do write, and i actually do record music. Im a journalism major, but i can't stand school so thats irrelevant. I'm actually writing my first novel now - and of course, like always, I continue recording my music... i hope i can find bandmates on the same page as me eventually...

    but see, its things like this that make me love it here. I've gotten so much motivation and inspiration from people who give me more input and motivation towards my creative works than my "real" friends. I love it here. I don't think I'd be writing my book right now if not for gc... and i would DEFINITELY be a totally different person if not for gc. What an unbeleivable community. I can't wait until i have enough money to donate some for the new server. I really want to, i feel obligated to... but right now, i can't even spare 5 bucks to go out to subway:eek: gotta love starving artists

    gc rocks. I know theres a gc appreciation thread. but lets show some love here, too.... because its gc! wouldn't it just *be weird* if there weren't a bunch of similar or identical threads?
  13. yeah dude, grasscity is almost like my shrink or therapist
  14. i havent been here long but im on gc everyday and it does have alot of good (old and new) members which make the community good.

    i just wish the site was organized in terms having certain threads stickied, ones where blades could always post and talk about their day. a thread like wake and bake hours, or lunchtime evening hours, and nite time hours place where everyone can like "meet up". or like an official thread where when you sign on, you can come say hello and your plans of getting high etc. if we have like this official meetup place then we can all keep more connected. i just feel most threads always have a topic, or rules (games).
    ya im high and i dunno if im alone here but an official sign in hello thread would be dandy
  15. Unfortunately we did have it and it was shut down, as far as I know because people didn't know how to shut the fuck up about over dramatic bullshit. RIP Chatterbox.
  16. I'm still blown away but just how awesome the internet is in general.

    I totally get where you're coming from. I've been a member of another forum (an artists forum) for almost 8 years now. It's definitely like a home away from home... there's been babies, weddings, deaths, divorces, graduations, etc.

    Many of us have met in person, and that is always weird. To "know" someone for years, only to meet them for the first time.
  17. yeah dude i totally feel like that, but what sucks is that feeling of being anonymous on the forums. like everyones your friend but their really not.if we would all just chill irl that would seal the deal for sure.maybe we should schedule like a grasscity meetup sometime,even though i doubt the mods would go for it seeing how drug related everything is around here lol there would have to be some kind of no weed/drug mentioning policy
  18. Yeah, GC is a great outlet. Lots of great people and plenty of lulz.

    Many good times to be had.

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