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Isnt it ironic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. so i was just at the liqour store buyin a 6pack for the baseball games and i noticed a stand of lighters on the checkout counter , they were different color lighters with a fat bug leaf in the middle of them. Then i look next to the stand of lighters and see a open box of cotton candy flavored blunt wraps........ I just thouhgt it was really funny and irnoic that weed is legal but yet almost every liqour store you go into you see some sort of weed related products, weither it be some blunt wraps or some zig zags or the new newest issue of high times , a lighter with a pictuer of a leaf on it , weed keychains. In any good sized liqour store you can find almost all of these, i think its pretty safe to assume to the average man weed is an acceptable thing. But yet cause of like 10 to 15 people in washington think otherwise weed is illegal, its so stupid.
  2. Yeah weed smoking is pretty casual now. A month ago when I told my mom I smoked and she didn't care. Pretty sweet deal.

    You said "legal" at one point in your post when I believe you meant "illegal."
  3. i know what ya mean bout the people who make the decisions.. i think people in that position are just afraid to make the first move to get pot legalized.. know what i mean?
  4. How come nobody ran for Gov. of California on that platform? They had every other platform represented, including former child stars and porn stars (not to mention Aaaahnold), but nobody representing smokers.

    They coulda been a contender!
  5. actually raoul duke there was someone on the ballot running for govener that wanted to legalize weed so the state could tax it to get rid of the state defecit. Unfortuntitly he had no other plans for being govener and has no political experiance so no one took him serious.
  6. Yea most parents don't care about their kids getting high, they just don't want to see them end up in jail.
  7. Yea weed is Everywhere in the US if its on a T-shirt or a Key Chain you see it allmost Everywhere you go Yet... its Illegal...
    I can Allmost promise you that with in the next 5-10 years it will be more common to see on the streets as in the 70s-80s
    sense its so popular and when we finally get some one worth being in the White house who cares About Statistics not money he will Legalize it... So i hope..

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