Isn't it crazy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Im Steezy, May 3, 2012.

  1. I was thinking about it and i realized how everybody talks about the 90's like the 70's and 80's now.

    Go 90's kids! :hello:
  2. I still find it hard to believe, that was over twenty years ago. Sheesh.
  3. I understand that old people feel now.
  4. meanwhile all the 80s kids are probably going 'duh'. lol but im a 90s kid too so i wouldnt know. the real interesting thing for me is how kids will talk about 911 in like twenty years. even now on youtube plenty of comments are from kids who were too young to remember it. so weird..
  5. I was a 90's teen. Lol...

  6. The only thing better than being a 90s kid, was being an 80s kid and being a 90s teen.

    I love being born in the 90s, but I wish I was born in 81 as opposed to 91 because being a teen in the 00's sucked.
  7. I'm a 90's kid, 90's teens roll SUPER loose joints lololol....
  8. i would agree that being a teen in the 00s sucked but i wasnt a teen in any other decade so i have nothing to compare it to. in thirty years kids will be saying they wish they had been a teenager in the 00s.
  9. Wait until you dudes hit your 60s! LOL It is really mind-blowing then!

  10. Ill pass on 60, thanks granny. =P
  11. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']Wait until you dudes hit your 60s! LOL It is really mind-blowing then!


    cant wait
  12. Ha, I've been thinking about this lately. Looking back on the fashion styles, the music, the blows my mind
  13. No. Just no.

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