Isn't it crazy how attached we get to our pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by jellybeansryummy, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. So over the past week my gf and I have noticed one of our cats has losts alot of weight and with the past couple days decided to stop eating altogether. Combine that with all he does now is lay around and get up just to drink water we knew something was up so we took him to the vet yesterday.

    Now I was hoping that it was something simple like worms or diabetes some know..treatable but not terminal. But of fucking course not. He has 95% kidney failure and any treatment for this cost in therange of thousands of dollars for transplant/dialysis/constant IV injections. Of course we can't fucking afford that!

    So now we have been faced with the AWESOME choice of having him euthanized. There is no otehr option...he's goign to die regardless. It's either slowly, miserably, in frount of our eyes watch him not eat and whither away to nothing. Or we have the vet give him a shot and he goes quickly. THere isn't a choice, really.

    I'll be honest I'm not taking it so well. I love the little fucker. He was the one I picked out from the humane society and we haven't even had him a year! I've posted pics of him up here a few times before along with my otehr kitty who will now need a new companion.

    Ugh...i dunno.

    It just sucks is all. We'll get through. I'm just not at all comfortable with being the one to have to make the decision when my cat dies. It should just happen...naturally of old age. NOt fuckin kidney failure where it's miserable as fuck for him!

    God. I love how life loves to prove to you time and time again that it's not fair.
  2. crazy attached to my pets too *suprize suprize* and have had to put animals down as well..its crazy shitty... im sry ur lil bud needs to be put down, but your doing the rite thing imo...i wouldnt let my animals suffer either
  3. i m sorry to read that jcmartin.. i would probably had him euthanized...maybe id borrow money from my goddad actually...uuhh shitty situation... but leting him suffer wouldnt be right..

    and yes i get attached with my dogs milu and rasta.
    actually when i decided to leave rasta with my ex i cried for a week.and to be 100% honest i miss rasta,not my ex(at all).and i have regreted leaving her there.he might have a fuckin garden but i would treat her as a queen not as a pet(as he does).oh and he always yells at her..fuckin bastard..anyway..
    unfortunately then i thought he could raise her as I..
    and if sth happens to milu i'd be depressed months..
    my dog(s) are my kids and i dont think its strange to feel that attached.for me thats how it must be..
    and sorry to hear that about your cat....
  4. Sorry to hear about your bad news, our cat was diagnosed with the same thing but she was about 23 years old. It was one of the toughest things I ever had to go through even though I knew I was SO lucky to have her for so long. I'll have you guys in thoughts, good luck.
  5. My deepest sympathies man. loosing a pet is never easy.
  6. Love knows no limits. It treats everything of equal value.

    I'm sorry about your cat. I send my condolences your way.
    I'll smoke a bowl later tonight for ya.
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Just got back from the vet. I'm doin alright. I've learned to hold in my emotions pretty well over the years but seein him lying on the table was even too much for me. We decided to leave after the sedative set in and the doc came back to finish the job. We jsut wanted to stay with him while the drugs kicked in. I had zero desire to see him dead and I'm glad my gf felt the same way. She's pretty tore up so I'm gonna go and try and make her feel better. We pick up his ashes on Monday. Til then we have to find a suitable container for him.

    Overall, one of the most wretched experiences of my life.
  8. i would be lost in my dog died.
  9. Dude recently ive realized how much more i care for random animals, than random people. Ive had a few animals die on me in the past and it fucking sucks..its just like human death, where you wanna call them up to tell them something, then they just arent there..cept now when you wanna pet it or some shit, it aint even there.:(
    i know man i feel real fucking bad for you..but think man, all around the world is this cycle and theres tons of babies being born right this second.
    My brothas got a new baby cat that i watched from when it could fit in my palm and not open its eyes, to now, and watching life grow and learn like that is fucking amazing.

    sorry man hope you and your gf are good


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