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Isn't it a huge waste of weed if...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tapsumbong, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. cough the smoke out immediately after taking a huge rip?
  2. well said.
  3. yeah lol...idk eot
  4. Nah, because he/she suffers on the rest of the smoke that is burning them alive inside. I say its about even.
  5. so how come people still take hits that big knowing theyre just gonna cough it out?
  6. Hm, I don't think I need to point out the obvious.
  7. if they inhale all of it then it is for something. if you inhale a huge hit, hold it for 5-7 seconds, then cough it out like you just inhaled chlorine gas.... you still get really high. its just if you take a huge rip then before it even gets to your lungs you cough it out... no good man.

    Why do people take bigger hits then they can handle?

    to seem better with the herb, to feel better about themselves, because they were bet to do so, because they dont know their limits... the list goes on
  8. THC is absorbed relatively rapidly so assuming the smoke gets into your lungs it is not all lost.

    Also to say someone doesn't know their limits because they cough up a hit is pretty naive in my opinion. Some hits are hotter, some have more smoke, some have less, some have smoke that is dense while others it is airy, sometimes your throat gets irritated sometimes it doesn't, some days it seems as if your lungs are made of iron the next fragile porcelain. The list goes on. If someone coughs up a hit yeah that sucks but I'm sure it wasn't because they were trying to impress someone or because they don't know their limits unless they are extremely new to smoking.

  9. as long as u inhale it in the first place ur still gonna get fucked, might be a little bit of a waste but if someone hits a bong and clears the chamber and then cough's he's gonna get fucked still even if he didn't hold it in
  10. Im just saying if they cough it up before it even sits in thier lungs. i mean there are plenty of times where i take a hit and cough like shit after i exhale.... but its not like i cough it out the second it gets in my mouth
  11. No, as long as they inhale correctly and hold it for at least one second.

    But the thing is its usually the inexperienced tokers who take too big of a hit, and are not sure how to smoke coorectly. So in THAT case, yes its a waste.
  12. "its better to cough, it makes you like ten times more higher"
  13. Who said that?
    Coughing increases blood flow to your brain, and can make you feel light headed if you do it enough.
    Smoke does also not need to be held in for more then 5 seconds maximum
  14. Rookies

    yeah its also a huge waste if u smoke your weed with somebody that doesnt know how to smoke
  15. yeah, it kinda pisses me off when people dont cause theyre wasting weed.
  16. damn, yall are some stingy mother fuckers

    What's the big deal?

    If they didn't cough up the hit, they still would have used the same amount of weed.

    So really, it doesn't affect you at all; they just get less high.

    stop being stingy and have a good time

    worryin bout some dumb shit
  17. i prefer to take small hits and then its easier to smoke and a lot nicer that way. enjoy your weed lifes short
  18. James Franco in Pineapple Express
  19. If you have to cough, cough.
    If you keep coughing, take smaller hits.

    It's just that fucking easy.

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