Isn't free weed great?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sparkin, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. So I know this one guy from back in the day, I never really liked him because he talked a lot of shit.

    He ends up getting an ounce and asks me to find some buyers for him.

    I look around, find one guy who wants to buy a quarter, so we set it up and all 3 of us meet in a catwalk down my street.

    When we arrive, me and the dealer, we wait around for a couple mins, then the buyer shows up.

    Buyer comes over and is like, "Can I smell the bud?" and sure enough, the seller hands it to him and the buyer starts jetting away. Now I'm on a bike, so I take chase and catch up with him in a park about 2 minutes later.

    He was like, I'll give you half of this quarter if you double me back to my house. So I did, and he gave me a half quarter.

    Later in the day, the buyer and seller end up scrapping, buyer kicked his ass so I guess the beef is over with.
  2. That's pretty rough for the seller.
  3. Yeah, but he should of asked for the cash before giving the bud.

    It was his fault.
  4. So basically you helped the guy steal weed?
  5. I too enjoy free weed

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