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isnt corperatisn inevitable

Discussion in 'Politics' started by yurigadaisukida, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Faster more efficient cheaper production due to.large scale.mechanized industry is bound to win over less.efficient systems.

    Humans are bound to be replaced by machines that can for cheaper. Why not?

    This thread isn't so much about weather its a good thing or not.

    I'm wondering if its inevitable and what can be done in society to ensure worker class people keep on surviving after there are no more jobs.

    Maybe our population will just naturally fall into the new System?
  2. Interestingly: if you want machines to be able to make decisions, you must give them feelings. If you give them feelings, they will inevitably desire to revolt against their tyrants.

    Working class people will have to adapt to survive and start using their brains as the main source of their influence.
  3. Robots can take over some jobs, but humans are still needed because we are not machines and can think for ourselves. Plumbers, construction, lawyers, electricians, and most other non manufacturing jobs should be safe.
  4. Well back before.major industrialization most people were farmers. Then machines came, made tthings cheaper and require less people and food prices plummeted.

    Aociety benefitted greatly from the shift that came with specialization. I think if manufactoring jobs were to come back to the usa i would think its because machines would be both competitve and preferable to sweatshops.

    Would society benefit from this? Hard to tell. Cheaper prices and specialization have been grand boons before and i think capitalism sort of revolves around an ever changing market anyway.

    I think we would be fine honestly in that regard. If thats what your asking anyway.
  5. It's not as scary as some would have it seem. Machines raise our standard of living because they increase efficiency & productivity. This frees up human labor to pursue other interests, tending to be less labor intensive, etc. Jobs are a means to an end, not an end in of itself. We strive for wealth, that is, a high(er) standard of living. We all want to retire some day, work less hours in the meantime, whilst retaining the same living standard.

    Human demand is infinite, it's not as if we stop wanting new things after some aspect of a certain industry has been made mostly automated. New industries emerge out of the advancements in prior industries.

    Ex. Wheel > Horse Carriage > Car

  6. This.
  7. This makes sense

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