Isn’t this male?

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  1. I overlooked this the first time I posted. Isn’t this male? I gotta yank this tonight if so. It will make 2 of 3 that I’ve lost. Dammit. Please anybody advise me.

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    Scratch this

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  3. I’m really hoping this is a lady or I’m screwed.

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  4. That's balls all over from what I can see
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  5. The last pic looks to be female tho.
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  6. Thanks and I’m sorry for wasting your time on the 2nd post. I’ve gotten all wound up here. It’s in the first post that I’m worried with as I’ve confirmed and pulled that 2nd one and didn’t dump the pic. Again, I apologize, I’m dry and freaking out.
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  7. No worries.

    Not even any in the doobie ashtray?
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  8. Nah, gonna re up tomorrow, one of those “waitin in my dude” things. Thank you so much for wading thru the confusion. I was just studying some other pics around here and thought I had missed something and went nuts. I was about to go tearing thru the bushes.
    I know I will be glad for this learning experience but it’s tough ain’t it?
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  9. [​IMG]
    Male top in near full flower from last year. I just destroyed 10 males today. Damn I hate working with regular seeds but it is what it is. I'll clone the 5 females left and I should be good till next summer.

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  10. That’s a good pic @BrassNwood, yea, I agree on photo seeds. It’s good learning but gets to the nerves. It sounds like you have some hard ratios like I do. If that first pic turns out male I’ll be down to one dang plant for months of hassle.
  11. this one's a boy.
  12. girl.
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  13. Thanks and that’s a cool avatar you have. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if this one turned hermie with the luck I’ve had.
  14. Scratch this is an obvious male and should be tossed. All the others look female to me.
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  15. I hate the thought of working with regular seeds....fem only in my grow room! :smoking-bong:
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  16. I yanked that one, hopefully before it dropped. I’ve got to get a decent pic of the others. It’s hard thru the fence.
  17. Female

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  18. Unless they were planted late most females have shown by now. It's usually those damn males that wait until the last moment to show. I believe humans have created that as only late to show male genes are left to pollinate and make seed. I have two in isolation that I'm almost 99% uncertain, lol. Probably male.

    Good luck with your grow.
  19. They were late, I think I put them in on 6/3. Here is an attempt at a better pic of the one left that I’m concerned with. I’m going to take the wire down this evening and get a solid picture. Thanks a lot for the help, I don’t want to ruin this grow at this point.

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