ismokecannabis vs. Sparkin

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  1. Here it is:

    The Rules:
  2. Checkin. Wont be able to drop my verse till tomorrow.

    GL ismoke, you gunna need it ;)
  3. so is this still goin down? I'm checkin in sorry for bein late, i been workin.. but looks like we're doing some other format??
  4. Get to rapping!
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    Well, ok here it is, I tell it straight, my rhymes so vicious I gotta keep them locked in a crate
    Can you relate? Do you murder the page like CTRL ALT DELETE? You're garbage like 2 week old rotten meat
    Ain't that neat, I'm fresh from head to toe and you compare like stinky feet
    You need me to repeat? I said your rhymes are terrible just uncomparable and weak
    I'm the peak of the mountain so high while you're sparkin' up the bowl I'm already fly
    like a plane in the air, you can try to ascend but I'm so high you try but can't get there
    Where, oh where am I the clouds around my head so hazy they'd kill a mortal man dead
    Like I said, I compare to you like caviar to wonder bread
    I feed my head with great rhymes and I'm not hungry: you're verses are a waste of my time
    All the girls I get are dimes, while you pickin up knickles off the curb, I'm a pimp and they're mine
    What ok so you think that you're cool, call me the bus driver cause I'm taking you to school
    I rule, when you try to spit game you actually drool! Was that too cruel?
    Am I too ruthless? I would compare you to a stool but you're more useless
    I sit on you stay down you can't do this, you're verse will prove this, you sound stupid as hell it's like you're toothless
    So cold you can call me jack frost with rhymes that make you freeze up and loose your train of thought
    Rap battle more like rap holocaust in you're verse you should just admit that you lost

    much respect sparkin lol just a verse u know how it is, good luck!
  6. This might not be going down for the official tourney, but since I have a verse typed up for you I might as well post it..

    You bout to get spanked dude, I got Cannabis in the 1st round?
    Skies.... thank you, I run off the adreneline like crank do, outrank you,
    Asian cocktail in the needle, give it to ya whole fam after I shank you,
    You know who you fuckin wit? Strength of the hulk, speed of the thunderbirds,
    This fuckin verse will leave you 6 feet under earth, or god forbid.. guns disperse,
    Battlin me? you couldnt wish for somethin worse, and you must live in asia
    because bitches like you get shunned at birth, Man.. I'm so hot wit writtens
    Make me wanna bust shots till your top is missin, I heard u gave the jane up,
    Better change your name up, cuz right now you just a fuckin contradiction,
    Its not like you had a chance in the first place, I merk fakes,
    Lay your ass on the road and show you just how a curb tastes,
    All your verses are like a youtube advertisement, 30 seconds of bullshit,
    Got those full clips like Guru, Pulled switch pierce skin like a bayonet,
    Get laid to rest, shavin flesh, You cant 'stay on track' like a train that wrecked,
    Any other competition for this crazy vet?
    You cliche like i would have been if I wrote 'spray the tec'
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    my vote is for Sparkin. he had dope multis
  8. odd we both had a line about trains
  9. I vote for sparkin
  10. honestly i would vote for sparkin too lol but ey i thought my verse was decent, just sparkin seriously killed it

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