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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ismokecannabis, May 3, 2011.

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    Yes that's right blades I quit smoking. Why? Cause I had the FBI all up my ass, some shit involving drug dealers, secret government conspiracies, repetative succesful thwarting of their survailance measures, you know, the usual. Well so because of that shit I had stopped posting, but after several incedents involving carbon monoxide like gas in my apt (yes I'm serious) I decided the best course of action was to let absolutely everyone know about this shit, because usually the more people talk, the more the government just tries to make them sound like lunatics and in order to do that they have to actually start leaving us alone (lol). So I'm back, but I'm not using drugs anymore, but I still think it's an aight thing to do and I'm just here to chill and talk and open your guys eyes to our corrupt ass government.

    You're face is either like :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: or :hippie: right now, but yea I'm willing to answer your guys questions, and if you're a hater, that's ok, I don't expect everyone to believe me, but at least if you're gonna talk shit back it up somehow.

    So yea I just want to say whattttup again GC and be safe out there, most the time that 'paranoia' is real guys, just cause you get paranoid and nothing ends up happening, doesn't mean you were paranoid about nothing. If a tornado ripped through your neighborhood and left your house untouched, you wouldn't walk outside and say "Damn those sirens and news stations were on some BULLSHIT last night I never should have gone to the basement!" Cmon', you guys are smarter then that.
  2. Do your thing man! Good luck with all that
  3. Why are they after you?
  4. how did they get carbon monoxide into your apartment?
  5. How do you know it was them trying to poison you with the gas? Not a hater-it's a sincere question.

    Also.. When was the first interaction between you and an agent (or agents?) that let you know they were out to get you?
  6. hmm @smokeridge im thinkin vents they probably set it up who knows when or how but are able to control it remotely.. um they're after me cause I know shit about them like very specific things and I guess I was convincing too many people? It's a Bradley Manning kind of thing
  7. Does E.T. make it back to his home planet?
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    Well it was something very odd, because my apt is all electric appliances, so they can't leak any gas, and it would get so bad I'd almost be passing out, then I'd go outside and it would be ok. It happened 4 seperate times and each time I was fine for a while then it got worse all the sudden, and my nose clogged up. 2 times I had a friend at the apt and they noticed it too.

    For a year or so I've noticed cops dogging me basically everywhere I go, especially when something illegal was involved, then I called out an informant who my friend was chillin with and after that undercover cars started following me, which I could tell cause they had illegal tint but stock rims (rare here) and would often make odd lane changes just to follow me, or park with an angle to watch what I was doing and not get out of the car. Most people would not notice this cause they wouldn't be looking at the car but I've always had a thing for cars and pretty much watch them all the time when I'm out and about and so I noticed that shit fast, it's sort of obvious although they don't really give you any evidence to speak of but I can tell. It's always american cars too which is a dead give away, since the gov gets those cars super cheap so they almost always drive them. They've stopped lately though after I started staring them all down and pointing at them and flicking them off... they've disappeared. Also when my apt was gettin fucked with I started takin the battery out of my phone and they would disappear. I've also had run ins with a couple different informants and been able to tell who they were after a while, and although I can't prove that shit the way they act and the suspicious way they seem to show up around me or call up the friends I'm with when I'm around, makes it pretty obvious.

    Something to remember, the abcense of evidence is not the evidence of abcense.
  9. Shit bro
    What separates you from the "crazy" conspiracy theorists? Does what happened to you now encourage you to believe everything you hear about the gov't/world/etc? (not sarcasm)
  10. if the gov. wanted you dead you already would be
  11. some conspiracy theorists are pretty crazy, but I think to every conspiracy theorist there is a degree of truth, in that they are paranoid because there really are things going on to be paranoid about, but because of no solid evidence they can get the wrong ideas about what is really going on. I don't believe everything, not at all, but from what I've experienced our government doesn't really care about the people and most of what they say and do is a facade for a bigger plan, which I don't really know enough about yet to comment on. Think Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. The Germans didn't support him for no reason. He used the same tactics our government is using on us.
  12. Well you just have to lay low for several months, maybe 3-6months. Then you'll be good but definitely keep it on the low low cause I be rolling I be rolling solo.
  13. When you gonna burn again?
  14. yea i got rid of all my pipes and bong and shit, stopped smokin, am just gonna work and shit, and i wasn't gonna talk about all this conspiracy stuff but since the gov is still fuckin with my fb, my comp (its hacked), shit like that.. Im tryin a new approuch to get them off my back (talk enough that they leave me alone to discredit what I'm saying.) Which speaking of hacked computers, be careful you all, if you're on their radar, they can easily find out who you are, look though everything you've ever written or looked at on your comp, and read every text you've ever sent.

  15. He probably still does, just doesn't wanna put it online
  16. possibly never, but if I get the chance to move to a medical state I might.. I also want to move to Canada but I'm not sure if it will be a possibility.
  17. Yea man that's why I'm paranoid sending texts that's drug related. If they wanna talk ill just have them call me. Fuck the government. And hacked pc by feds? Isn't that invasion of privacy? They need a warrant for that shit, same with checking your texts. But they're are corrupt as fuck ya can't really do shit. Fuck the police.
  18. do you think we really killed osama?
  19. oh and yea.... um the government if ur doin illegal shit a lot probably already is lookin at your texts and shit on your comp.. but unless you're dealin or causeing a lot of trouble you shouldn't worry too much.. they generally wait till they get something big they can pin on you and arrest you for, something to send you to jail for 10 years or so. They need leverage and evidence..
  20. They need warrants but warrants aren't hard to get, and would you know if they already had a warrant? And warrantless wiretapping was OKd by Bush for 'counter terrorism' but currently there are tons of US citizens on the 'terrorist' list and climbing, and shit they can still do that stuff and get away with it. My comp is definitely hacked cause they fuck with me on a daily basis, sometimes moving stuff around on my desktop, sometimes closing a game when I'm 1hr in and not saved, sometimes changing my browser page. They're cocky about it cause most people don't realize what's actually happening when they pull that shit and even if they do, what could I do about it? Call the police? lol.

    No I dont.. they said he was 'buried at sea in 24hrs according to Muslim traditions' which is a load of horse shit, Muslims are supposed to be burried in the ground even if they die at sea, and the 24 hour thing doesn't exist either. It sounds like a major cover up. And besides Obama was trained by the CIA. CRG -- Who Is Osama Bin Laden? that covers some of it.
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