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Island Sweet Skunk

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jdonnie, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Just picked up 3 eighths of Island sweet skunk and this shit is dank, pictures dont do it justice at all ill take better ones tomorrow, has anyone else ever had this strain?

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  2. Never even heard of it.

    Closer details would be better, but those buds look amazing.

    Nice grab.
  3. Mind postin a price nugs look decent. Hopefully u didn't get over charged a bit on the reggie side
  4. paid 150, its fire, top 3 best bud ive ever had and ive had some good bud in my day
  5. 150... wow it's expensive over there..

    More reason for forums like these to thrive!!!
    Good for folks like me..!!:D
  6. It looks pretty dank.
  7. think you mean sweet island skunk just got some of that myself

    it started out as an outdoor plant grown on vancouver island. i dont remember genetics. but there was a write up on the origins, and what not in hightimes many years ago. and i think it suited the islands short wet grow season or some shit? obviously no longer an outdoor only strain. and yes thats just the look it has. it is fire for sure!. if he gets better pics ull see. find some glasses or a magnifying glass if u cant find a better pic and shoot through that. ive had this strain a handfull of times. as sometimes a pound will get thrown in with all the other kushes, as always is done with some random non kush strain. this time was the chemdog i just posted yesterday? its always got those spearish shaped buds that look bit leafy with like really yellow crystals if i remember correctly and zero hairs. well not zero, but u know what i and whether indoor or out always seems to have an outdoor look to it, and because of the smell u could be convinced its one even if not. i cant tell with ur batch,lol. see. but i can tell its the goods. great grab!


  9. always wanted to try this strain, usually some hairy ass buds but urs still looks dank as fuck man enjoy

  10. It is firey, been smoking chronic all day everyday for a year, but a
    Few rips off my Sherlock rip me.

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