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Island Sweet Skunk pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kevin McGram, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Just went to my guys house and he had just finished curing some Island Sweet Skunk... hooked me up with this 6.8 gram nug for 70... not a bad deal... smokes perfectly....

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  2. Looks nice and frosty even with some of the trim left on it. Enjoy it!:smoking:
  3. im smoking a bleezy of this exact weed right now. its in the south texas area right now. its amazing weed really. sure it isnt sweet island skunk?
  4. It may very well be sweet island skunk..... what really matters is that I'm couch-locked like crazy off that shit right now haha
  5. looks good. and unique.
  6. nice pickup man.. and for almost a quarter for 70 bucks, doesn't get much better than that my friend
  7. dank pickup bro
  8. God that makes me mad, I had 2 and a half os of skunk, then got busted big time... Awesome looking herb though.
  9. sweet island jesus

    i'd decorate my tree with those nugs

  10. yeah i would too...

    it really is the best stuff to come through the area in a long time. i think since the afghani goo we got a few months ago...


  11. im pissed too, but ill be getting some sweet revenge for you bro. Snitchs get sttches... and damaged property.
  12. It was me who snitched on you.:p
  13. I've always wanted to try that shit... now I REALLY want to!!!
  14. I see you're rocking the JD:metal: oh and btw nice buds
  15. damn, the trim left on that shit makes it look like a prehistoric plant xD

    that bud looks koo. I wanna know what it tastes like, Fruity? or?
  16. Ewww... Skoal Apple. haha, but nice pickup dude. +rep.
  17. looks like some really dank homegrown
  18. looks like alot of the maui buds i get...:D
  19. haha thats my room mates chew... that shits nasty...
  20. ya the trim leftover is why he gave it to me for 70... and that big ole stem... he would usually charge around 80...85 for that 6.8.... which really isnt that bad either....

    as for the taste... DAMN... such a smooth smoke first off... you can milk a bong all day with this shit and not feel a thing... but the taste is definitely fruity with a bit of like... fresh produce taste haha I dont know how to describe it.... it tastes like that frst nice crisp bite of a god salad haha ...

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