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  1. LMAO anyone been on that site? shit is fuckin hilarious. to anyone who doesn't know what that site is, it's just basically when a person receive a naked picture from their phone. they would upload it on that site for everyone to see. hahaha fucked up huh?
  2. haha, i've known about it for quite a few months now. it's pretty awesome lol. there's an isanyoneup chat too.
  3. Yeah....full of fucking scene kids.
  4. I think I stumbled upon this awhile ago haha
  5. Too many busted people on there lol
  6. Yeah I useda date amanda mercers (on there) bestfreind in highschool. :laughing: :bolt:
  7. is way better
  8. IAU posts 90% ugly chicks, shrinks all the pics down like tumblr, and then throws a huge watermark across all the good ones... has almost all hot girls, no guys, and the pics are kept all at the original resolution, it is awesome finding a pic, clicking it, and seeing it go super high resolution :D
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