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Is youtube the most racist website?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mewwho, May 27, 2009.

  1. Half of the people on it are 12-15 year olds who don't know the touch of a women so take it out on other users... Do you agree?

  2. stfu yellow face...

    jk ur only 25% asian or something.

    its really not to racist seeing how they cant see you... if you post a video of yourself.. there will be mroe racism then in face-to-fae dialough...

    but thats the internet.
  3. How does that make it racist?
  4. who the fuck cares? srsly

  5. ya but just go to a video on black people or something and you have massive ammounts of hate comments. dont get me wrong I love youtube. I just think that a bunch of them are far to immature.

    P.S. Im white i dont know where you got me being asian?

  6. people who are intelligent enough to spell seriously.
  7. I agree. I hate how on all the comments everyone aruges all the time. They try to sound smart but they have about 20 misspellings.

  8. really, a shot at my intelligence?

    idc, if u really have the need to feel adequate by trying to bring others down, then do that

    i just wanted to voice my opinion that i SERIOUSLY think that this thread is pointless, meaningless, and over-all unnecessary.

    and for the record, only idiots make the thread title and original post about the same thing yet on 2 different things, and then call someone an idiot for typing "srsly" just cause they don't wana type the whole damn thing out
  9. Who reads comments on youtube anyway? :bongin:

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