Is Your State One Of The 15 Trying To Reform Marijuana Laws?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by RMJL, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. An email I received.

    March 1, 2003

    Hello NORML Supporter,

    More marijuana law reform bills are pending in state legislatures than at any time since the 1970s and NORML needs your help right now to support their passage.

    I've been working at marijuana law reform for 32 years and I can hardly remember a more important time for NORML's supporters to step-up and take action.

    With the federal government's recent against west coast medical marijuana cooperatives, most notably the Ed Rosenthal fiasco in Oakland and nationwide paraphernalia crackdown announced Monday by Attorney General
    Ashcroft, this is an opportunity where your participation at the state level will make a difference.

    There is or will soon be marijuana law reform legislation in 15 states!

    Learn if your state is one of those trying to reform its marijuana laws by visiting:

    Thanks and regards,

    R. Keith Stroup, Esq.
    NORML Director/Founder
  2. Amazed to see Texas on that list...not a chance of it passing of course =\

    I'll see what support I can drill up!
  3. Mine's not on the list...maybe next year
  4. YAY!!, mine is lets hope it pass's.....thanks.....peaces.....MrSbb
  5. my stae isn't and probably won't be for quite a while.
  6. woot go cali. wish it was more than "downgrade possession of one ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction" but gotta take the baby steps before its totally legal. btw do you think marijuana will be legalized in usa any time soon?
  7. nope No PA hempress to bad :/

    we'll have to wait

    someday tho..
  8. Ye, CT is on the list! and 4oz or less!
  9. no it will be a while until PA changes any laws.

  10. Yeah right im in Florida and there only getting long as you can grow it own your own and the government get no cut of the cash flow...theres no way they will say yes....The only chance we have is to get some of the crowd that smokes up in office.Hell if they would make it legal and even sold it from gov. owned stores....shit they would wish they had thought of it earlier...because the cash flow would be emince...and the prison pop they there always cryin about would drop....but heck thats to much thinking for our cracker backed goverment to invest in.
  11. Yay go maryland!! I had no idea this was taking place.
  12. sweet, wisconsin is on there
  13. Louisiana is still dead against reform. Pretty stupid considering how much they party here!!!

    High RMJL!! Miss ya'll!!!
  14. I was absolutlely shocked to see Oklahoma on there! Local media has said ZERO about any of this.

    I was leary of blowing my cover, as a toker, but after much pondering, I decided fuck it. The only thing I can be nailed for is possession. So if they must come and get me, let them. I e-mailed my representative. They're overrun with prisoners around here anyway, probably wont' want me, but if they do, I'm gonna fight them every step of the way. I know I was buggin you RMJL about how I could go about talking to them incognito, but fuck it! I AM NOT A CRIMINAL! They will never convince me I am.
  15. is arizona on there??? probley not, cus my state sux!!!
  16. I wouldnt be surpirsed to *ever* see NJ on that list...I always had a feeling i wasnt to crazy about this
  17. Like that wasn't going to be an obvious one...

    Free the Green Bud State... or is Green Mountain anyways it's all GREEN!!!
  18. mass!

    never pass tho...o well, fucking conservative moneygrubbers up here anyways....they need to chill out with a few tokes..
  19. YYEESSSS!!!! legal weed in new york here we come... Watch they will make it legal in new york state but the say it is still illegal in the city... Grrrr hope not

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