Is YOUR room like this?? (pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. idk if im just an extra lazy stoner, if or everyones room looks like this lol.



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  2. hahahah thats funny. my room at home use to look just like that. got so bad my rents would pick it up for me. (only child aka. spoiled as FU*K) but now that im out on my own its different. could just be cause im bored though, so i end up cleaning.
  3. rofl my room looks like that at times, i like how you use the plate as an ashtray, i mean cmon why get the real ashtray when its out of arms length
  4. yeah i havent moved out yet, im movin out in about a month or so, just scored a job with fuckin aerotech pullin in 1500 a month ag 18 years old.

    so me and 3 buddies are getting an apartment, alot ALOT, of good pictures and stories will be on here in just a little bit lol.
  5. lol exactly, ima grab a sick ass glass ashtray one of these days, prolly when i go get my new bong.

    4/5 ft A.D.S, grabbing a nice inline ashcatcher at the same time, and you know ima get my glass on glass diffused downstem at the same time lol.
  6. Hey, you're doing better than me.

    My room looks like this:
  7. good for you man! i just stepped out into the "real" world myself. been 3 weeks. Its nice being able to provide for yourself.
  8. yeah i cant wait, its ganna be sick as getting my club card in about 3 weeks too, so ill have dank ass bud all the time, ima grow 2 plants (legal to grow 3) and smoke everything.

    i hope i have some brain cells left after the first month.
  9. haha no, my room does not look like that, I can't stand a dirty room. I can tolerate cans all over my desk but thats about it, no food or anything gross, and I like my floor to be spotless
  10. my room is a wreck too, all kinda fuckin random shit in here, 3/4th of which are useless to me
  11. good

    No shit. I just moved to Long Beach, CA from good ol NY. MMMMMhhmmmm. So i got a good almost year till I get residency to be able to go MJ clubin. haha. As far as growing your own plants. If you have you card you can grow 12 plants total, 6 being mature plants. Again just going by what i read. BUT this was rated shit. haha
  12. lol, i look at my floor like a giant shelf lol.
  13. Before I moved, my room wasn't walk-through-able.

    I remember having a friend over and him telling me I was the ultimate stoner because my room was so messy and I had a pack of cookies next to my bed. haha.

    I cleaned it all out when we moved to our new house, and currently my room is pretty clean.
  14. lol thats sick.

    thats weird, i herd it was a max of 3 plans....i like your numbers better tho, they are ganna be garage plants, so i have to see how much room i have to decide how many more plants ill get.
  15. Ew. you're going to get some bugs!!!
    My room is kept obsessively clean.
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  16. my room is usually trashed but its all good cause the polish lady comes every other monday and does her job
    and i pay that bitch well so...she knows her place...sometimes before i head out monday morning ill burn a fat ass dutch right before she comes in, hope she likes the smell of dank dojja:smoking:
  17. I see you're a fan of In and Out Burger. I go there all the time.
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Damn that bed looks comfy! Looks like you could almost hibernate there! ;)
  19. I'd slip 'er a tip.

    In da butt.
  20. +rep for the In-N-Out burger

    wish i could get it here

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