Is Your Hair Thinnin Out Or Fallin Out> L@@k Here

Discussion in 'General' started by StOn3DMaN, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I know this may not be the exact spot to have this, but most people look here.

    Well I never use to be a regular smoker but over the last month I have been. Especially over break once a day maybe 2 times.

    I have noticed my hair is actually thinning and starting to fall out.. I AM 18 FOR CHRIST SAKE.

    Have any of you had this problem or notice it? I have done alot of research and many teens and adults or saying the same happens to them. I think i am officially going to quit for a while to see if it grows back. This is so pathetic and sad but id rather have hair then get high.

    If any1 else notices the same thing let me know, or if you have countered it.

    Just wanted to warn every1 what I am going thru... And please, im not ANTI-WEED I just seriosuly feel like shit when this crap is happening. Please every1 be careful if you notice the same thing. Ill try waiting about 1-2 months and see how it goes

  2. i highly doubt that marijuana has anything to do with your hair falling out.
  3. Its called hereditary (sp?) its not weed causing it, Possible the effects from smoking but i don't think thats likely.
  4. research is saying it does, and alot of kids report the same problem

    Dont get me wrong, I aint tryin to bust MJ i love it.. just dont want people to happen whats happenin here...
  5. Thats very very unusual, I never heard of anything like this. Hell go to the doctor and ask if mj would do that to you, I'm sure they can run some kind of tests.
  6. I dont think its permanent kids report, they stop for aa few weeks and it seems to come back a little, but i guess more than others it effects... im just that "lucky few" yay...:devious:
  7. i keep readin reports on kids sayin the same... quittin and proper eating habits helped they claim. god i hope it works
  8. my hair seems normal to me, nice thick full head of 18 year old hair :wave:
  9. *pats head*

    seems ok to me
  10. My hair's always been thin and pulls out easily. I'll probably go bald in my later years. Hah.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with weed. If it does, oh well man, shave your head. Mine hasn't started falling out yet. :)
  11. When I was in Highschool, there was a kid in my Senior Class that started losing his hair when he was 17 and he had a big bald spot by the time he was 18. He then just started shaving his head, and no one in his family was bald and he never did drugs.
  12. well my hair never fell out or thinned but it deffently made it get more curly and more annoying lol but i still like it and i hear this is common cause the thc effects you hair folicils thats y they do hair tests am i right?
  13. Holy shit! That's been happening to me (very, very extremely) ever since I started smoking more regularly. In fact, my body hasn't been too great. I'm quitting for several months (If I can handle it) so that I can eliminate the notion that it was weed.
  14. I have a huge white boy afro. I love my hair.
  15. You guys are crazy. Weed isnt going to make your hair fall out!

    This shit happens as you get older. Might as well smoke anyway
  16. ha no way man it must just be in your genes.....look at bobbert he smokes aloooooooot and has a huge mop of hair ontop of his head. It also could be if you wear a hat alot, so if you do stop wearing that for a bit
  17. yea hats are cool but they fuck ur hair up... hmm maybe shampoo or something is affecting it? you gotta look at other things... maybe ur eating habbits... sports... sittin out in the sun too much.. too many things to blame other then weed...
  18. SZ was saying how if you wear a hat alot you can go bald. In hot conditions it isnt good to wear hats as all that trapped heat can cause hair loss
  19. ^^ I need to stop wearing a hat, thinning my hair out. probably in time I am going to lose more and more :( but i see it in my dad and the genes.

    I haven't been smoking for a long time and during that time I experianced some thinning, so I don't know how much it MJ affects it.

    Does your dad have hair, would kinda of suck that you lose hair and your dad has a full head of hair. hang in there, try not to stress over it too much cause I know it sucks and having stress is proven to lead to it so is another reason not to have stress.
  20. baldness gene is from your mother actually TeSupo

    if you want a good look if you will be bald or not, take a look at your mothers father, if he has hair, there is a good chance you will have hair when you get old

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