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Is your dealer a nice person?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Do you actually have normal conversations and stuff?
  2. I don't really have dealers anymore. I have friends who always seem to have bud in copious amounts. It gets tossed around between us pretty well. Sometimes they'll take money when I ask for some. Other times, eh. We've got this strange barter thing going on.

    But yeah, the people I get my bud from are really nice people. They wouldn't be my friends it the weren't lol.
  3. my main guy we talk sometimes but usually i grab my shit and gtfo lol hes a cool guy he just talks way too much when hes high.
  4. hell dealer is the man, nice, and never flakes...
  5. Lies.. sells uncured bud. Lies about quality. real nice person right here.
  6. Yeah, my dude was my friend first... Then my bud guy. We worked together for a year.
  7. I'm working on a project with my weed man right now. so yes, nice guy. xD
  8. i always try to make friends with my dealer so then i can get better connections. but yeah, my dealer's are pretty chill
  9. I just moved to Memphis not to long ago and I'm just now getting connects for some fire. I usually just get some from a buddy and don't technically know the dealer yet so yeah. No help here. My old dealer in So Fla was a pretty good guy.
  10. my GF's my 'Dealer' she works at a pharmacy and brings home both mine and her own prescription. :smoke:
  11. my dude is real cool, we like all the same shit, we have chilled and smoked a bunch of times. i am younger than him and its kind of awkward on some pickups, but we usually just meet on the street hand off, "stay high bro", dap and go on our way...

    been scooping from him for like 3 years, he was the second person i ever bought from... lol
  12. I got two different dealers in case one goes out of town. The first one is a close friend of mine who grows bud for medical purposes, and the second is not as close of a friend, but still a friend never-the-less. He can be really self-centered sometimes, but aside from that, he's chill.
  13. Me and my dealer always play mario on the wii when I go over :smoke:
  14. I just met a new dealer. Ended up having some good conversation. We ended up going out to a hookah bar together with our ladies last night. Being friends with a dealer is beneficial especially when they have good bud.
  15. ya I enjoy my dealers company.
  16. hes so fucking chill, gives me a few grams extra.
  17. My dealer is the most stand up guy I know. Really smart dude, we got a lot in common, and hes got dank bud he pretty much throws at me.
  18. I've known my dealer since I started smoking. He gave me my first pipe when I bought my first sack, he taught me how to smoke, and everything I know about growing, and he inspired my username lol. He's one chill ass motherfucker.
  19. my dealer punches me in the face with every purchase. the bomb green is worth it though
  20. me and my dealer suck eachother off.

    lol just kidding but hes cool. i wouldnt know if i would call uus friends cause we dont hang out when im not getting weed but weve gotten pretty cool over the few years

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