Is your boss/manager a nice person?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dank Herb, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I was feeling down for like 2 weeks and my employers let me taheke a break. They understood. And now I'm getting classes at school and it's messing up my work schedule, and they helped me get a new schedule. My old boss woulda fired me probably haha.
    Well, do you guys have nice employers?? Peace
  2. yup. Gone to baseball games, couple parties with both my managers. Even smoked a couple times. It's good to have good people as a boss
  3. No job. Last boss was chill. He was a 30 year old black dude that used to blare rap when we worked (kitchen of a chill ass private country club). He also let the kitchen staff drink beers the last hour or two of our night shifts.
  4. My dad's my boss and he's a fucking asshole, Although he doesn't care if we work while blazed so its allgood.

  5. Do you mean he's an asshole as a boss, or an asshole of a person? Because they are definitely different things.

  6. As a boss.
  7. Considering my manager tokes, he's a chill dude.
  8. i have two jobs

    full time job working for a University System my father is my ya its cool.

    part time job, cleaning gig, company owned by godmother so ya...its pretty cool.

    i got lucky
  9. my boss is like 40 years old smokes weed and is a really cool guy
  10. i unfortunately can't find a fuckin job.
  11. My manager is cool as shit, but the lady who owns the business I work for is about the biggest, craziest bitch I've ever dealt with. She will come Into a room and watch you do something and wait for you to make a tiny mistake so she can shit on your for it, and even if you don't make a mistake she makes up some bullshit of how you're still wrong Lol. That's why I'm gonna be my own boss one day, fuck working for others
  12. I havent found a new job yet but my last boss was a weirdo...he tried convincing me to marry his friend in pakistan for 2,000 so he could get his greencard the fuck...when I tried saying no nicely he made comments like ”good luck findin a good stable man” ”if you want money you have to go after it”.

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