Is your body designed for THC?

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  1. I was reading a thread were this guy was talking about your brain needing THC just like your bones need calcium. So that got me thinking, since your brain does indeed have cannabinoid receptors, is your body actually designed specifically for smoking herb regularly? Because I mean they're there for a reason right? Personally, after seeing it that way, I think your body is designed to take in THC. What are your thoughts?
  2. Well we have receptors for other drugs. Does that mean our bodies are designed for those drugs? I don't think so. It's just the way it is.
  3. Your brain doesnt need drugs but your bones do need calcium. Very very different things. I dont know what they fuck that guy was on about
  4. I kind of get you man... Like feeling intoxicated from alcohol is because you are poisoning your body but we have THC receptors...
  5. was water designed for boats?
    might not be the best
  6. Your body needs lots of drugs, but it doesn't need your conscious mind to increase it's natural production unless you're lacking. I'm not sure how much study has been done, but I suppose it's possible for somebody to have a deficiency that cannabis could relieve. Whether or not it's significant to daily life is another question.
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    Your cannabinoid receptors are being used without the herb. They are used for binding to other molecules that your body makes called endocannabinoids.

    Edit: Just noticed I typed you're not your. Damnit! I never do that shit.. Must be cause my cannabinoid receptors are working extra hard right now :D
  8. Your brain has opiate receptors because your brain produces endoginous morphine (endorphins) for when you are in pain so that it doesn't hurt as bad as it really should so you're able to function with minor wounds.

  9. Yes...
  10. You know what that means!:hello:
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    ;) ... actually.. TL: DW - skip to 3:45 of second video for brain part..


  12. We have opiate receptors. Should I be injecting heroine?
  13. No! You should be eating muffins
  14. I guffawed.
  15. Poppyseed muffins are delicious. :D
  16. my body sure is, considering thc is the only thing that helps...

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