Is x and bud the same?

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    how long does ecstacy stay in ur system is the the same thing as bud or does it come out of ur system faster?

    i got a drug test on the 16th i took a single stack last night
  2. youll be fine
  3. much faster,thc stores in your fat cells, i dont know exactly how long but maybe try a google search or search gc ull get ur answer
  4. yeah, thizz will be out in like 4 days.....a week tops.
  5. eww extacy. no its not the same as bud its a hard drug. most x on the street is all kinds of drugs pressed into a pill.

  6. boooooo!

    do some research.
  7. i do *****. i do my street research daily *****. its not uncommon for ex to have coke meth heroine anything in it
  8. i've never heard of a pill being cut with coke... but definatly meth and heroine. I try to avoid those types of pill and only fux with the molly

  9. Who the fuck would eve waste coke like that. It's a waste of the drug and a loss of money.

    You've proven your knowledge on the subject. Save some face
  10. ROFL, it would probably be a good idea to read the OP's post and not just look at the thread title you thick headed motherfucker

    show me one pillmaker, ONE, that puts ex and heroin together and i'll eat all the socks that are in my dirty clothes hamper
  11. yayz 4 x and bud :hello:
  12. There's my *****. How you been bro?

    I rolled last night. Had these cut out stars. Took 3 over the course of the night. I rolled from 7 or 8 pm, until 3 am...

    Drink some OJ, and get plenty of rest tomorrow. Some green tea wouldn't be bad either. But brew it yourself.

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