Is legit???

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  1. Can anyone confirm that is a legit site that will actually ship me seeds after i send them straight up cash?

    Its kinda sketchy, but I've heard a few good things, any confirmation out there from someone who's actually ordered from them?

    Just want to make sure that I'm not getting ripped off.

    Way stoked on their Northern Lights #5 strain.

  2. I'm growing HGS seeds right now.


    This also belongs in the Seed Bank forum.
  3. Im growing some HGS strains too... (NL#5, BB, WW)

    100% Legit and worth every penny. Their strains are top notch as well, definitely order the NL#5 from them... Its bomb and smokes so damn nice.
  4. Please post in the proper category, I have moved this to the seed bank section.
  5. my bad im a GC nube, didnt realize there was seed board, thanks for the advice tho, sending in my order today.
  6. Highgrade is one of the most legit
  7. Been buying their strains for years. Very happy customer.
  8. Does anyone know if/how often Highgrade comes out with new strains?
  9. waitin on my seeds right now. not too worried about it...the dude was very nice and prompt in his replies. I just fedexed straight up cash. He let me know he got the money and when he shipped.
  10. Yeah HGS has some serious ass grow logs on their site.
  11. i sent my cash to highgrade on friday now i just need to play the waiting game
  12. sent my cash today via fedex overnight for some white russian :D
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    He's legit, fellas. Goods just arrived today. took the full 10 days. Surprise was included :D

    you won't be disappointed :)
  14. Got my HGS white russian today... got 3 free seeds!
  15. Ordered ten blueberry seeds and got 4 free.
  16. HGS is legit .I just started a black queen and blueberry grow .seeds popped open in two days after puttting them to soak ,that is great .i will buy from HGS againg, very good seedbank.
  17. i ordered the same 3 pack :D

    i second their legit-ness!
  18. I highly recomend this company.

    It took three weeks to get my seeds. I think the first shipment was either lost or "found" by the authorities but I emailed him and he resent right away. I got those five days later and either 4 or 5 extra seeds as well.

    I haven't grown them yet (they go into veg on Sept. 14th for a December harvest) but the grow logs and forums are the fucking truth.

    I have Purple Cindy, btw, and I am very excited for December when the females are ready to harvest.
  19. hgs is legit.

    email replies within 4 hours.

    i just sent them 130US for ww and nl5. 3 free seeds each came in the container. 10 day total turnaround. i fedex'd the cash thursday night before labor day. just got the package yesterday.

    looking forward this weekend to starting the new ladies...
    (not femmed seeds, just a positive outlook)

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