Is what israel is doing to the palestinains ok?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FriedFriend, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. people really need to wake up and ask themselves.
    israel = nukes
    palestians = homemade rockets and stones

    do not say that the balance of power is equal. In my opinion the palestinians are clearly the victims, as they are the ones who have had their rights and land taken away.

  2. Has Israel used any of those nukes on the Palestinians?
    Have the Palestinians used their rockets on Israel?
    Another question...If some wimpy assed guy comes up to you and kicks you in the nuts, are you going to kick their ass when the pain goes away?

  3. Look at the whole picture before you call them victims.
  4. Didn't you already get deleted for trolling?
  5. ^ I thought you were going to stop coming to threads like this
  6. SHIT!

    Break my fingers next time I do, please
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    this whole politics forum is like crack..

    I keep telling myself that i won't post.. then i read something so stupid and ridiculous and feel the need to reply.

    and OP the Israeli kool aid drinkers on this forum will tell you the balance of power is in their favor because they are that much smarter than everyone else and not because of the billions in US financial and military aid.

    EDIT: dima in 3.. 2... 1...
  8. It's a region that will find a reason to fight no matter what, they have been since the beginning and they will be til the end. I think it's wrong how involved we are in the dispute but I don't think one side is more evil than the other nor good, they are just people separated by an invisible line drawn in the sand and told to hate the people on the other side

  9. How is it trolling if I just ask simple questions? You make a statement and anyone who questions that statement is a troll? I'm sorry. I didn't know you were God.
  10. ^^

    are you running 2 accounts and confused as to which one you are posting from?
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    And I don't do anything during the day... the occasional customer comes in or the occasional phone call.

    Guess I posted in this thread again, my fingers will be broken now.

  12. WTF are you talking about? I've been pretty straight forward so far. Are you not following along?

  13. I smoke a lot of pot and could be confused..
  14. Nah, it looks like he's using 2 accounts.
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    I don't even know
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    the palestinians were very peaceful actually before the mandate and during the ottoman times.

    if you look at history as a whole, it is always foreign powers invading that land. examples include romans, saracens (egyptians), Turks, jews, you name it. when in history were the palestinians trying to conquer other nations?

    palestinians meaning the inhabitants of palestine.

    and actually the jews are very smart, thats how they get the billions of dollars in aid in the first place.
  18. With that last part, you must be trolling.

    Or just unknowing of US foreign policy

    I hope it is the latter.
  19. [ame=]Brüno Dove Of Peace (Bruno's ending song) - YouTube[/ame]

  20. Oh...Sorry about that.

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