is well water and fridge filtration safe?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by youraveragejoe, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. is it safe to use water from my fridge that i collect and allow to come up to room temp for watering? i also have well water. should i just stick to distilled water?
  2. You can take water from the faucet, and let it sit out over night so the chlorine evaporates, this is what I do.

  3. i heard that the chlorine in the water evaporates easily but the chloromine doesnt?
  4. I believe you're right, and the fix is to simply put some organic material in there so that the chloromine uses itself up (yeah I'm sure I explained that wrong but hopefully it gets the point across).
  5. Yep, worm castings does the job
  6. You should test the well water for ph etc. So you know what you're working with. A private well will not have chloramine and usually will not have chlorine unless it was added to it.

  7. mine goes through a softener (lots of salt) using tap. my kenmore fridge filters out cysts, lead, chlorine, and toxaphene. i may just have a phobia of other things being in my water. i can adjust ph levels.

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