is weed

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 25, 2003.


is weed pretty or handsome?

  1. pretty

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  2. handsome

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  1. i think pretty man
  2. definately pretty.

    mary jane, not martin john ;)

  3. I like your reasoning...
  4. although i would love to get my hands on some of that martijohna, i heard the new crop is reaaaaal handsome.
  5. I think its beatiful... but i'm drunk, so my opinon doesn't matter
  6. i think weed is pritiful
  7. It is pretty only when wearing a nice dress.
  8. i think its pretty handsom

  9. how do u figure?
  10. I must also question the penis comment.

  11. it is very perplexing isnt it
  12. penis's are funny looking. weed is pretty.

  13. i agree you really really smart individual
  14. LMAO at this thread. :D

  15. thanks :) lmao

  16. haha anytime man
  17. what a stoner thread...lmao, definitely pretty/beautiful since bud is a lot more womanly than it is manly (as the word handsome would suggest)
  18. i love my pritty weed lol

    i like my handsome weed alot

  19. How about weed being----Awesome?

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