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Is Weed That Is Sold On The Streets Weaker Or Stronger Than Medical Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StarCrazy880610, May 20, 2013.

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    I really wanted to start off my response to this blog with something that was some what intelligent and witty. I didn't want my response to be looked at like I was just a perma-fried pot head and am in high faiths that my opinion will actually be taken seriously. But anyways, to give my views on whether or not medical marijuana is indeed stronger than weed that can be bought on the streets? My husband and i have been debating that question for an hour now and both of us still seem to feel strongly that "I" him or i is right and there is nothing that the other person can say to change that. Both of us juat think two different things. So sense we cant agree without having something to support our argument... both of us pulles out our phones. Keeping that in mind... why would we automaticaly think to get our phones? Be the Internet has the answer to every question. Plus, what's the first thing that you do when you have a question or want to solve something that you secretly know nothing about? YoU GOOGLE IT! So thats exactly what i did. And the first thing that poped up was this site and the title stating "Marijuanna vs Medical Marijuana. It was a blog or forum on which one was stronger. And "TronPlayer" was one of the users that my husband is particularly fond of his response."Here in California the "Medical" Marijuana is sooo much danker/better than what I can get from most dealers. The reason for this is that the plants are mostly from local growers and NOT from Mexico. In Mexico, the weed is sprayed with radio active pesticides and mass produced. The growers I know baby their plants, use 100% organic methods and smoke it themselves. They are always trying to find ways to produce higher quality plants. You can however still buy lower quality bud from them if you want. One of the greatest advantages is choice. There are usually over 20 varieties at the dispensary I frequent."

    We know that my husband agrees with TronPlayer, but I however only agree with a few of his statments. Unfortunately it brings me sorrow when i look that particular question up. BUT, only because of how others feel on this subject, on this site, and on many other sites... it makes me question how concrete my opinion really is. If I were to solely rely on the information provided from some of the others replying to this question. I fear that i would in fact wind up knowing less because of how inaccurate, unreliable, how articulately (or lack there of) and embellished that piece of knowledge that has or will be shared.
    These things are purely for gossip and or to gain knowledge on and about bud. If you are glued to your couch all day doing nothing but watch tv eat and smoke pot (which I do not mean any disrespect to those who do... I would love to do it if I could) you probably shouldnt get on here and try to have a discussion with thousands of other pot heads. Plus your making it hard for those who have an opinion because we are not looked at like what we say matters. And in the end everyone else dismisses what we say. There are a few people on here that just sound ignorant without knowledge of the subject being discussed.

    My thoughts on whether or not street weed and Medically grown weed is stronger than the other is... marijuana that is sold on the streets is stronger/ more potent than Medical marijuana. The reason i think MJ (street marijuana) is stronger is because it is typically made with much less... "♡", passion, and appreciation than medical marijuana because it is grown with the intentions to get people high and is to be sold in bulk to countries and states all over. The product isnt produced to help people or even for the love of weed in general. It is and it is produced purely for the distribution and profit that Iitbrings. One view I have in common with TronPlayer Is that MJ is mass produced. But beyond that I couldnt disagree or even agree with anyone in that blog.

    There was also the user by the name of "Jezus"... and to me it sounded like he was convinced that where you grow marijuana had a remarkable amount to do with how strong weed is. Hunny where it is grown, DOES help to improve the quality of bud. Yes... it has "SOME" to do with the quality but it is not the reason for how lucid tand high it can get you. The real reason bud flourishes in different states and countries is because of the weather, humidity, or climate. But where it is grown has nothing to do with the potency of the product. MJ can be made to be weak, EXTREMELY STRONG, and/or can be made to be many different strengths. But this is all depending on how it was cared for and grown.
    Whatever the case may be... that will not be a deciding factor on my argument. It is not going to be how I argue my opinion. Medical marijuana is weaker than the illegally bought street marijuana purely because of the demand for it. It was illegal at one point to buy, be in possession of, smoke, or even purchase MJ. Finally the law was passed in several states that only people who qualified and truley needed it could apply and obtain a medical marijuana licence. HOWEVER there are still many states that have not passed that law and for the ones who have... have stipulations in place that we all know of. Unfortunately there are even some stipulations that we are not aware of. Medical Marijuana is made, sold, and used as a type of medicine. It is used as a substitute for medication. And has been shown to improve a personz moods, help with pain, and so much more.
    Back when everyone was skeptical about the use of marijuana because it had been used and know as an illegal drug. There was a vote to legalize it as a medication method. I believe that the government caved because it was tired of fighting a losing battle and decided that if they applied the law then they would have a vast majority of the control of "their" new product and its production. Because they did not want to be the producers of what was once known and looked at as an illegal drug and be treated as if they were drug dealers, thugs, criminals, or unprofessional buisness men... They decided to lower the THC levels to make it seem like a respectable drug used purely for medical purposes. The THC levels were also adjusted because of the effects that marijuana has on individuals in general. (The increase in ones appetite, the decrease in ones motor skills and, hand eye cordination). And still be able to enjoy its hallucinative effects and allow people to use it and still get that high.
    The reason why Medical marijuana is so expensive is because of the care that is put into growing it, workers compensation, and the taxes on it as well. Instead of just paying for the product you are now paying the chemists that work every day (making the bud into what it is) as apposed to the weed dealers on the side of the street that just buy it from somewhere else due to the demand for the product and how fast it sells. I am definitely not an expert in any way shape or form. But I have been smoking both for a very long time. And even dated a drug dealer.

    To be completely honest... I even tried the "spice" when it first came out. Big mistake btw. NO ONE DO THAT! And one last idea on whether or not one is stronger than the other is because when you control the amount of weed that is produced you have the ability to control the product as a whole. But honestly if your on this site its because you are a marijuana user. And you know that regular marijuana, street marijuana, spice, or whatever else you can smoke that is like pot effects everyone differently and what you consider to be strong may very well feel weak to the person sharing that joint with you right now lmao!

    What do you think tho? Is regular marijuana stronger than medical marijuana? Or is it weaker?
  2. medical is way stronger. hands down.
    Ive tried both and i can honestly say your best best is medical
  3. Its funny that majority of ppl say that whom have smoked both. But I have too and i also have my MJ License. But am failing to see how it is the strongest out of the two of them. Maybe im just really bad at picking. But in my defense there are literally like 50 different kinds all the way from edibles to pills. And Its not like I get the cheapest jar on the shelves. I pay good money for what I smoke. I just wonder how to make it stronger now lol :)
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    here in portland you got medical growers selling to non med people so you can find the same quality on the streets as you would with a mj card.
    street stuff
  5. @[member="davidtokehead"] i agree im in portland too and alot of the street stuff is medical so theres no big difference to me. 
  6. It's the same in Sacramento, it all depends on who you know.
  7. Potency depends on the strain and how it is grown.
    For all you know the weed you got off the street is from a dispensery.
  8. Le problem, I find that the high from street dealers can at times be a little off balance. Seriously go to Amsterdam n smoke there stuff and you could sit an exam and get an A. 
  9. Dispensary's will turn down weed that is not good or if it's a good one top-quality. So of course streets will have worse weed, Also the factor of those crappy dealers who only sell brick weed to make huge profit. But, the buds do get around and you can find top-quality on the streets too, just gotta find the right guy/girl.
  10. All comes down to the grower, I've gotten some shit that was more potent than anything I've heard of in a dispensary in terms of active cannabinoids. I live in a non med state, and it was 33.5% active. He sent a little in a box to a lab in CA, and got the results back almost a month later. I was pretty surprised.
  11. to be its the same eithier indica or sativa
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    In south GA, far from any legal pot store you can get sensimilla that will lay you out. Someone who had not smoked in a while took one large toke, it expanded like hash, and on small toke. They were worried that they mignt need to go to the ER for the first 30 minutes. It sold at 50 bucks for a half OZ. Something called "Loud" on the street, also called skunk or "dank", small fingernail sized round bud, completely blonde... REALLY smelly. Someone had 1/2 joint in a cellophane in their pocketbook, in the back seat. The driver had to ask them to wrap it better because the whole car smelled like it and they were going to a restaurant. The "dank" sold for 170.00 for 1/2 OZ.
    This was recent street price and product in rural south GA, about 60 miles north of Tallahassee, FL... very rural, very far away from any legal dispensary... still, it could have come from one but the product was better than good and the price on the sensimilla was an incredible value. Some, me included, wish that there was something to fill the void in the middle between "dirt weed" and sensimilla (which was sold as "mids")... now I am old school. I was smoking in 1970. This sort of smoke was rare. There was some better. True Gainesville Green was better. Vietnamese Black was the best... but dang, at this level I don't see how the quality matters.. only the price because I don't see how the medical weed cold be noticeably better than the street weed, at least in S. GA.
    Id like to add... I only encountered Gainesville Green once. It was 1979, my wife and I had driven a friend down the Tallahassee for a "procedure". I was outside sitting on the concrete steps to some medical building on a busy street. Some other guy walked up and sat down and asked if I wanted to smoke some GG. I said "sure". He lit what we used to call a pin joint, maybe a quarter the size of a regular one. About as small as you can get it. I kid you NOT... sitting there on those steps, in the city I was transported to a sandy desert and there was a caravan with merchants on camels going by.. that stuff was badass!!
    A friend of a friend brought some Vietnamese Black back from Vietnam. It was about 1972 maybe '73. My cousin got me "radish" of it, corner of a baggie, size of a radish. I had a VW camper van, hippie van, collaged all on the wood, all the stuff. My GF was with me. We smoked.. I don't remember how much, either a small "J" or a bowl. Next thing I knew she was in a fetal position in the floorboard crying... I remember looking back and my van was transformed into a sort of hunting lodge and it was about 30 ft to the back. So.. there has always been the good, the bad, and the ugly. LOL.
    I think maybe it is also relative to the smoker. The first time I "got off" I was in charge of holding because I was not yet "getting high".. however that night I did. (It was above grade weed but not like the stuff described from S. GA recently). The last thing I remember is someone saying, "OMG... he lit the other one". Then I remember my head falling back, on to the backseat of the car... the Allman Brother Band had come out recently and only their first album was out, the song Dreams I'll Never See came on as this all happened. It could not have happened better. It was almost like it was orchestrated to perfection. The next day I was driving my van and someone, I forget who, was riding with me. It was the second time I got off. We smoked one and the whole landscape tilted to the right to about a 45 degree angle, I thought we might fall over, but we didn't.
    That was the beginning of about 5 to 6 years of daily smoking as often as possible... and yes, it was a long strange trip.
    Today's grass is pretty much all good. It is your vantage point, or your point of reference that is lacking and that is not a "put down", it is just that there is no bad weed except for REALLY bad weed these days.
    I remember when almost all weed was Mexican bricks and it was all about the same, decent but nothing special. Then there was occasional Jamaican bud,  it was always really speedy and "up", I assume it was a really good sativa. Then we started to get occasional Columbian Gold. It seemed to be more indica, it would make you laugh uncontrollably and make you immobile. We also got Oaxacan, it was a good bit better than the regular Mexican weed, well a lot better. Thai Sticks were good but very rare in GA. We once, in Colorado, in about 1974 got some bud that was supposed Mexican but it was left on branches. You couldn't fit it in a gallon ziplock bag. It was sold, by the OZ, in 15 gallon trash bags because no one wanted to break them because they looked SO cool! It was GOOD too but nothing like street "mids" today, if the street "mids" everywhere are sensimilla and are selling for 90.00 per OZ then I see no reason to ask why.
    I couldn't ask for more, in fact I'd REALLY like to see something less potent for everyday recreation or social use.
    Things have REALLY changed, people change too. Circumstances change. You appreciate these things more as you age. When you are 20something circumstances don't really matter that much. Once you own a business, have grown children, and grand children things become different. I still have an early 70s drivers license with a "stoned" picture. It is what I wanted and I smoked a BIG fatty on the way to the courthouse.  didn't use any visine because I wanted to be stoned in my DL picture... I would NEVER do that today. I know, I digress but "point of reference" really matters in all of this. With luck and by the grace of God you will live to be over 60. Then you will be able to relate to all the people younger than you, because you have been there and they will all look at you like you're a fool... who knows nothing. That's just the way it is. Still, if street weed was any better than what I've seen.. I wouldn't want it. I also think it is in the interest of dealers to have a less potent product so that people will smoke more and then buy more. Bring in some high grade about every 6 weeks. Other times have a true mid grade product. Of course that isn't going to happen because people want more and stronger for less and someone will provide it. There really needs to be a decent low/mid grade product available. IMO... more choices, more better!
    BTW, hello. This is my first post. Semi retired now more flexible with time. , LOL... and it's funny to me that when I was young this t=would never have crossed my mind. I would have been all for stronger... heck, I'd take anything back then. Smoke anything, eat anything. Never a care, never a worry, not a second thought. It's crazy but you shouldn't have to think about "set and setting" just to smoke a bowl... but if you're coming off a long layoff into the street product of today, you absolutely do have think about it. The street dope is cheaper too! Buzz for buzz... street weed is cheaper than it was in 1970. ck then a pound of regular weed was 160 bucks and an OZ was 20 bucks, double your money. Like everything else it started to go up in a few years,30..35... 50 but the grade stayed mostly the same and if you got what they are selling today as "mids" you'd need to get a loan or a second job to buy it.
    So... be happy!
  13. Medical marijuanna come from a grower just like any other weed. In two different scenarios you could have two different results
  14. medicinal marijuana that is grown for the intended purpose of ending up in a dispensary where it gets top dollar is far more potent then jo bob growing shit in his back yard. why? money. i would never pay top shelf price for mids, nor would most blades. the only way to get those prices is to have the most potent product available. it needs to not only be potent but it must smell the best and taste the best. 
    that isn't to say that some of the top shelf doesn't end up on the street. hell i am sure it does because some times a grower grows to much or maybe there is to much of that strain around. it could be anything really. the point is that as a grower i would want a dispensary to buy my doobage at a premium vs trying too sell it illegally where the price isn't quite up there. my dealer sells to dispensaries first then to everyone else if there is anything left. he also sells lower quality flower that the dispensaries wont buy to everyone else. 
    as far as my own experience goes, dispensaries definitely have the market cornered as far as potency goes. not only that but the over all quality of the bud and concentrates is off the hook. just the way it is packaged and handled is far better then jo bob himself and other dealers like him do it. dirty ass hands, palming his balls and then he sticks his hand in the bad and grabs a few nuggs for ya. i am done with that bullshit. the bud being kept in a big ass plastic bag. getting all fucked up, drying out and shit.
    so yeah, in my humble opinion and experience i would say that dispensaries by a large margin have way better bud and other medicinal marijuana products then street dealers do. [​IMG]
  15. Lol at the people thinking medicinal is any more potent. Here in BC the dispensaries buy from home growers so the quality is the same as street and it's usually awesome stuff.

    Sure the dispensaries are going to have more consistent product but by no means more potent.
  16. Medical will be much stronger then your average weed off the streets, but if its a good strain that was grown and cured properly its not gonna matter if you buy it from a dispensary or from your dude down the street
  17. Depends who you ask.

    In my peak of cannabis usage, the 90s, i was seeking the best cannabis money could buy, i didn't care if it was expensive, i wanted the highest quality.
    It was found, and expensive, and usually only found in rich circles of stoners who sought the same thing.

    Nowadays, when I walk into a southern California dispensary, whether be the valley, west Los angeles, or the crummy inland empire, the weed is never as good as what I found in the 90s. It's good, but never AS good.

    Today, medical and street get bud from the SAME growers.
    Street tends to have better bargaining though, medical has variety for sure.

    Today, i cannot find those rich growers who don't grow for profit, only bragging rights, they must be hidden amongst the massive quick crops.
  18. First, this isn't a blog, it's a forum, second, medical literally doesn't mean anything. I know growers who sell to dispensaries and street dealers. Same weed, is some med and some not? no it's just fucking weed. It's all semantics....if you believe medical means anything, your asking the wrong question
  19. Ya, I feel like I've had similar experiences.  I'm not sure what the differences are/were but what I've bought in rec stores in Washington (or bought on the street) recently have paled in comparison to the fresh, spicy, buds of yore.  I only hope that I can replicate that by growing for quality instead of quantity.
  20. I've never had medical weed, I can say though there is some bomb as weed on the streets. Here's a pick up that smelled like straight up sour patch kids.
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1427240837.887869.jpg
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1427240857.696231.jpg

    -Your point is as pointless as describing colors to a blind man.-

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