Is weed+sex bad for girls?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Roma_420, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I've heard a couple of times that girls shouldn't smoke and have sex because its not good for them. They don't moist good and some other problems that I don't remember, I just want to know if its true.

  2. I've experienced this and I blame the weed.
  3. ive gotten high with my now ex gf and it was almost the best sex ive ever had
  4. Yeah I'm not saying its bad, I just feel that she doesn't moist as usual.
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    i can tell you what your problem is...and it isnt the weed. You use the word "moist," that shit will dry her up like the sahara
  6. Get some spermicidal lube.
  7. LOL
  8. Lube fixes it. Lots of foreplay. 
  9. I always have fun high and sex
  10. Actually women have it BETTER when it comes to high sex!   :eek:
    Female sex, but not male sex, better with cannabis         (news – 2009)
    Cannabis reward: biased towards the fairer sex?      (full - 2007)
    My Green Valentine: Sex and marijuana       (news/interview – 2011)
  11. thank you granny! now i have the empirical evidence to support what i've been lucky enough to experience firsthand :yay: you're a doll :smoke:
  12. Not that I'm really all that inhibited sober, but weed REALLY makes me let go and get into it. On my worst day, I'm enthusiastic and passionate (it's sex! What's better than that?), but when high, it just jumps to another level. My mind clears of everything, so it's like I can feel everything more strongly, and I use that to my advantage with my partner (who is likely also high). I once kept sex going for four hours because whenever we'd finish, I'd keep running my hands all over his body and riling him up again.I don't recall there ever being lubrication problems, either. Not saying they can't happen, they just haven't to me, yet. Sex while high is good stuff.
  13. Yes, you might have to use lube.  Based on age we have been using for about 10 years so that part is the same for us.
    But she says it feels so much better and the orgasms are much longer and stronger.
  14. I've never had an issue with drying up and i smoke and sex on the daily. 
  15. :huh:

    Ive never had these issues... quite the opposite.
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    Foreplay? I thought that was why they invented lube? Dammit..................
  18. win
    why the influx of new accounts...spreading scary anti mj/mmj tell, why?
    this NEW account is here spreading a story that pot makes female sex 'bad' or a problem with it...anyone else smell the propaganda?
  20. If she's dry, lube comes to the rescue!

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